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  1. Thank you! Hopefully by next year they be ready.
  2. I feed them twice a day..... Now they on hikari frozen mysis, till they bigger, I start p.e. Mysis. Thank you brother, I let them eat till they are full, the leftover food , I siphon away before next feeding starts.
  3. I got mine from Iwarna 2 mth's ago. My tank is about near to 5 mths old. Horses if not wrong are now ard 6 mths old.
  4. Hello my friends! Sharing my little horses
  5. You could try searching past thread..... "Chinmo's frozen food bowl training method".
  6. Feeding frozen is okie, mine used to do well , breed regularly with just frozen diet. Of cos the frozen food must be enrich/marinated before feeding. The only problem is to train them to frozen .....
  7. Ts-may ask what sort of live food you feed to your seahorse? What specis of seahorse you keeping? Transiting them to frozen be good for long run.
  8. 4 ft given away.... 6and 7 ft still available
  9. Hi guys! Plc to collect be at Bishan .
  10. Hi guys , 4 ft taken oredi, left with 6 and 7 ft
  11. hi guys, am clearing some tanks..... can be used as frag tanks in my opinion.... a token of gift would be appreciated if you want the tanks.....(half dozen coke for each tank) 4 ft shallow tanks with wooden stand. 4by 1.5 by 10 inches tall. 6 ft by 2 ft by 8 inches tall.... 7ft by 2ft by 1.5 ft tall..... pls arrange own transport yah.... and its 8 mm thickness for all tanks mention...... only the 4 ft got stand.... the other 2... no stands.... just bare tank. sms me at 94788799 to view and arrange
  12. Chiller sold to a nice bro! Thanks to all whom shown interested..... Salts pending collection .
  13. Artemis eggs sold! Chiller and salt reserve till tonite and tomolo. Will update asAp on status of items.
  14. hi Guys! am selling off the below items 2 x heka marine salt 4kg- $12 ea or take both at $22. 3x artemia eggs hatch rate is excellent! store in fridge un open before! - $40 per can. or take all 3 cans at $110 with foc 1/4 can of artemia eggs and a diy bbs/rotifers sieve. 1 x Artica chiller 1/10hp-condition excellent-age 2 yrs- no warranty- will test for buyer before hand over- $280 collection be at bishan area... keen hobbist do not miss out this sales- msg me at 94788799. Thanks!
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