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  1. Hi folks, just got reliable news from boss Desmond at the new Pacific Marine Centre at Pasir Ris (turn left down the road humps instead of the usual right) that there will be a shipment of beautiful hand-picked Ricordeas and Yumas this weekend, Sunday morning, first come first serve and at special discounted prices....hurry and rush down while stocks last. Saw his new "one-stop" farm, many, and I mean many tanks coming up, glad I stay in the East.
  2. Well, i still think that Copper is toxic to All organisms when overdosed, the problem is the lack of a proper test kit for checking....commercially available copper medications are often the chelated form that reduces the effectiveness and tend to require higher doses for any effect. Some authorities claim that rocks and sand retain and leach copper with time. Fishes like Tangs and boxfishes suffer from ectoparasites because of their lack of scales.....abit tiny ones maybe....this can be a big problem in a reef tank since any dosage of copper is deadly....come to think of it, the reason why some folks use RO water because of the copper pipes bringing in our water source. I advocate the use of biological controls like cleaner shrimps, not wrasses that perish....though skunks tend to "choose" their servicing clients and sometimes end up a glutton on the fish food instead of doing their job as their name prescribes. Personally, I think the UV steriliser is the best invention yet that cleans and kills parasites fast. Minimum 11W or more as the contact period and closeness of glass to water circulated affects the performance. 24 /7 will work well. ....I also do freshwater dips, a past report by Martin Moe claims 90% removal of skin parasites but some recent research has found that questionable...however, it works for me, the fish actually feels more relaxed and the kidneys work less to excrete the salt. Forgot to collect a fish once after 20 mins of dipping but hey, still fine after the incidental discovery. New drugs are developed that uses a decoy to get the parasite hooked on to a synthetic "bait"....trying out a new medication called stop ick that contains stuff to do just that....tough to evaluate effectiveness since only some fishes got hit while others appeared fine...immunity perhaps? They should develop that just like chicken pox....not sure though....just my 2 cents...
  3. Hi folks, thanks for the prompt response, the i-box was snapped up the moment i stepped into the shop....I have several other items like fish food, coral supplements, pumps and lights..etc. Will finish compiling the list and put it on the net. For those keen to view the items, please visit the shop at 20 Siglap Drive, Bowmont centre, #01-05 from 11am tomorrow, first come first serve, I'm sorry but I have disconnected the internet at the place, pls sms me at 98776986 for enquires. Hurry, all items MUST go by this weekend!... Some items I forgot to add in include: 1.mini fridge selling at $80 2. over 50 kg of 100% cured base rock, as much as you can carry at $20 3. 3' fibreglass pond (piano shape) with pillar decorative rocks, black pebbles, comes with decorative plastic fence and artificial flowers in zinc pots, all for just $150
  4. Hi folks, need anything good and cheap?....the lease is finally up at the old shop front at Siglap and I'm moving out. Still in good condition are the following items up for grabs this week only. 1. 18 x fish tanks with built-in filters. Each at size 4'x1.5'x1.5', selling at just $50 each. Plus, if you take the Chengai Wood stand that comes with T5 lights, you can have the entire rack and 3 tanks at just $120. Only 6 racks in all, most suitable for fish room builders or fish shop owners 2. IKEA dining tables, called BACKE, relatively new, can be used for a study table too and comes with 4 chairs. 5 sets available at just $50 each set. 3. BRAND NEW Shower screens with steel curtain cables, selling at $10 a set. 4 sets available 4. BRAND NEW Table lamps at just $10 each. Comes with bulb too. 4 sets available 5. Easel board at just $25 (2 available) 6. BRAND NEW overflow i-box at just $50 Interested folks pls call or sms Eric at 98776986 for reservations. Cash and carry only. Thank you.
  5. Hi folks, I'm selling off my 6'x 2' x 2.5' marine tank set up as I'm moving. It is made of 10mm thick glass and has a side overflow filter connected to a DIY filter bed. For those into both freshwater and marines, I've built a tank-in-tank to house little tetras in the lush of green plants in the middle of the tank which serves as a partition. Managed to surprise a friend once when he was surprised at how cardinal tetras swim together with yellow and sailfin tangs in the same tank. Selling at just $500 for the whole set-up including pumps and lights. Interested please drop me a PM or call 98776986 Eric
  6. Hi everyone, this is the first workshop to be conducted under the new company Connaissance Education Hub, previously E Aquarists' Place. For those taking Biology at A-Levels, this workshop (targetted on 22nd-23th Dec ) will help prepare you for the things to come in the next two years. 2 Day Workshop agenda include: 1. Reviewing the Biology 9284 syllabus 2. Examination tips and techniques (spotting questions and answering essay questions) 3. School Practical Assessment (SPA)-what to expect? Next in the pipeline will be seminars on General Paper and Maths enrichment workshops, also... Another workshop for hobbyists wanting to know more of marine biology and ecology... "Marine Biology 101" targetted on 26th Dec (just $10 per pax) The Biology workshop will be conducted by a professional college lecturer from a Top JC and costs only $65 per student. For registration, pls call Eric 98776986 or drop a PM. Thank you
  7. Hi everyone, the e-mail newsletter is a fantastic idea! ...it will help to achieve the objective of sharing knowledge and enhancing the hobby of marine fishkeeping. As a sponsor of this forum, EAP will give FULL support (even articles to share our experiences as retailers ###### hobbyists) if this gets the green light with AT and team. In fact, to show our support, EAP is willingly to provide its comfortable shop space for hosting sgreefclub activites for FREE. How about it folks, shall we make sgreefclub a club not to be reckoned with ....imagine the convoy of cars with decals all lined up....
  8. if your sump is dark enough, there is a bluish glow from the main body of the uv when its on..
  9. hi, its enough if you are only keeping fishes..most of the organisms on liverocks can survive on low lighting..
  10. yup, just use a fan for a small tank, usually the evaporation rate is about 3 litres per day so keep a lookout on your tank..
  11. it may or may not kill all crabs and shrimps as they are all quite hardy, but high salinity will also kill all the beneficial stuff in your live rock. usually, with time and introduction of fishes, most of the crabs and mantis will be killed. if its still at cycling stage, just let it run, put the traps to trap the crabs, and it should be quite clean. its impossible to kill all of it, there are many holes in the liverock.
  12. yup, just put it in the direction of the surface of the main tank...
  13. yup, just get a dottyback or a wrasse, they should help you to clear off the mantis, not advisable to wash the rocks or else all the 'live' stuff would be gone..
  14. its fine..it will turn over whenever its upside down..it feeds on algae, corals or any other detritus, shrimps(like what you are feeding)..so no worries, they are very hardy..
  15. Hi, Selcon is as follows.. Energize your fish and coral food. Selcon acts as a soaking agent for any type of freeze-dried or frozen food. Simply add 0.5ml to your favorite food and start feeding. Can also be used to treat live brine shrimp to greatly enhance their nutritional quality. Great also as a filter feeder supplement, by adding directly to the tank at 0.5ml per 50 gallons. * Vitamin C stabilized 200mg * Selco highly unsaturated fatty acids; marine lipids 200mg/g * Vitamin B12 Cyanocobalamin 240mg * Does not contain yeast, phosphate or nitrate * Will not alter water chemistry * For marine use only * Can be used several times each week Available at E Aquarist..
  16. 3 or 1 would be better if you are keeping fowlr as 0 would cause certain amount of sand storm if you have any gobies or fishes that tend to stir up sand...
  17. its probably the dust from the rocks if its a new tank.. check the powerhead direction too..takes about a day to settle down..
  18. usually it has only a small amount so its quite negligible or do as what weileong recommends.. it also absorbs small quantity of trace elements but main usage is to get rid of any toxic materials in the water...anyway trace elements can be replaced through additives or water change..
  19. yeah, then it defeats the purpose of the 'liverock'..
  20. if its not reacting to touch or light then sad to say, its gone..
  21. yup, thats right...if there are small ones, its helps to sift the sand but if its too big, try to catch it out using the inverted bottle method as mentioned by decentkid.
  22. thats enough if you are keeping lps and softies..
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