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  1. My tang loves this. Get the one with no favors will do
  2. This supposed to be a buy sell thread. Respectively, lets try not disturb the thread? Maybe for discussion can take it to a more suitable sector? @thomas_lim
  3. That is powder brown. Not powder black different is the white cheek
  4. Caught the last puffer fish with a cardinal fish inside my tank and giving it away. Preferable collection altogether today. Location east. Puffer fish around middle finger size and cardinal around index finger size. Pm for details. Don't pm for more pictures or cardinal fish picture. Bag provided.
  5. Note that they do get relatively big and best keep in large fish tank with large size tankmates etc.
  6. Reserved. Still have few more inside tank which are not captured yet. Once caught will pm those who pmed me. Thank sgf!
  7. Have 2 bubblefin wrasses to let go due to new fish arrival and overcrowding. 2 pieces available. Large $15, small $10. Both at $20. Healthy, quarantined with copper, prazi gold and very colorful. Feeding almost anything. Both are captured in sump tank. Self collection at Kaki Bukit area. Avail for Sat collection. Pm for collection.
  8. Best is state where the delivery area for free delivery. Pm you regarding purchasing with free delivery but was added $35 for the delivery fee.
  9. Looks like aiptasia baby. Shld get rid of them or get a fish/shrimp that eats them
  10. And best of all, for my fowlr tank if any fish gets ich, can dose cuparmine directly into tank hahaha. And I always dose a bit of cuparmine and parigold inside my tank to prevent them. Salinity is kept at around 1.018-1.020. Also spend abit and can get a backup emergency airpump, if any circuit trips, at least there still be oxygen inside the tank rather then seeing your beauty fish floating up upon coming back. Anw if almost similar size, yours should be 1200L, so dose those medication using 1000-1200L etc. Hope all these helps. Pm me if need more help ya bro, I'll be glad to share wit
  11. Thank bro Previously I used RO water but it was too much hassle. For small coral tank I'll go for ro but large fowlr tank I won't go for ro. My sump tank is rather small, 3ft x 2.5ft which was a freshwater tank previously. Has a skimmer octo 150c, uv light (auto on 12hrs per day, media, coral chip etc. I kept eel before but when you want to catch it out when it's eating your fish, you will surely cry or remove all your live rock out of it and cry the **** out of your lung. Just bear in mind, any fish you want to keep also can, but they must be compatible with each other (etc some a
  12. Mine 6 x 2.5 x 2.5 fowlr tank. Fish bioload are enormous as its ard 60-70 fishes. Twice or once wc per month. Change one blue (120L) barrel or change 1/2 tank if once a month. Using tap water, mix with prime and salt. Have RO unit but it's only for my ato. Ro unit for such a large tank will take a few days and I don't have the habit of aging. VID_20200822_151106.mp4
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