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  1. Caught the last puffer fish with a cardinal fish inside my tank and giving it away. Preferable collection altogether today. Location east. Puffer fish around middle finger size and cardinal around index finger size. Pm for details. Don't pm for more pictures or cardinal fish picture. Bag provided.
  2. Note that they do get relatively big and best keep in large fish tank with large size tankmates etc.
  3. Reserved. Still have few more inside tank which are not captured yet. Once caught will pm those who pmed me. Thank sgf!
  4. Have 2 bubblefin wrasses to let go due to new fish arrival and overcrowding. 2 pieces available. Large $15, small $10. Both at $20. Healthy, quarantined with copper, prazi gold and very colorful. Feeding almost anything. Both are captured in sump tank. Self collection at Kaki Bukit area. Avail for Sat collection. Pm for collection.
  5. Wow nice tank and coral! Splendid
  6. Very nice tank you have there
  7. Hi im interested in your coppeeband fish , pls pm me 98233367 .

  8. Thanks bro for your recommendation. Previously i have been handling planted tank for almost 5 years and know about those NPK, macro stuff... May i know what does the coral needs? Can i do a FOWLR tank with a minimum amount of coral? Cheers
  9. Hi folks, I intend to start a marine tank and have read up quite alot of stuff from this forum. This is my tank spec. H3 X W1.5 X H2 with NO SUMP Hailea 300 Chiller with external probe Lighting 6 X 39watt white 120000K 2 X canister of 950LPH and 1500LPH I intend to start a FOWLR tank as i found out that those coral tank require different lighting etc blue, white, dosing of calcium, mag etc which sound like a hassle.. As i am not using a sump tank, is it possible to use my existing canister filter to filter the tank? What equipment do you guys think i'm sti
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