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  1. WTG 1 x Decorator crab. Warning: not safe for corals or small fishes less than 3 inches. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi! One for me as well if available
  3. I got a nano tank bro, so A will be good
  4. Rocks still available! Almost all else sold!
  5. Adding more items: coral rx and joe's juice take both for 20
  6. Adding one more kh/ca/mg take all for 30.
  7. Left the following for sale! Please contact me via Whatsapp at 9zero619seven98 1)Rocks now dried out. 10-15 dollars depends on size. There are some which are quite huge, pics below with hand for comparison 2) RedSea ABCD 500ml bottle - 70-80% left. Take all for $30 3) KH and CA expires 10/2018 take both for 20. (if bros don't mind expired, will throw in some other test kits i have foc)
  8. All must go by Sunday! 1)2feet internal ios curved edged tank with green element led light, pump and magnet cleaner, jebao nano wavemaker - $150 2)Red Sea Supplements 500ml each ABCD - 70% left $15 each (Take all for $50) 3)Refractometer - 35 4) Salifert NO3,PH,MG, Calcium Test Kit all only used a few times - $15 each (Take all for 50) 5)Coral chips - 10 kg - $20 6) 3kg box of CA/KH and half box of MG - $25 for all 7)API 5 in 1 test strips - $10 8) Small breeder box - $5 9) Classica Cubic nano tank (https://www.petsplace.nl/vis/dierenverblijven/classica-qubic-tank26x26x32cm~666324)- $30 Interested please sms 9061 9798 for more info.
  9. Hi all Bros, Items are still available, as stated in my post, I would prefer to sell everything as a set so I would hold on to this for another 2-3 weeks. Do let me know if you are willing to wait. Some bro feedback that in my other picture, the bottom of the sump looks like the formica has chipped but that is just tape that I put initially to prevent water corrosion. Will post more pictures tonight to show that after cleaning up. Also to bump this thread.
  10. Added pictures, Apologies for those that I have not replied. Will do so by this weekend. Thanks
  11. Have started a new job and work is killing on my hobby, sad to say that I have finally decided to decomm my tank. Would prefer to clear as a set. Anyone who is interested in taking everything lock stock and barrel, please pm me your contact and I will get back to you. For users who prefer individual items, please post the item using a reply and I will get back to you. Do note that priority will be given to people who are interested to collect everything. Will post more pics when I am free to take it. Tank: 6ft by 2.5ft(Height) by 2ft with 4ft Sump with white cabinet and 10k return pump - $800 (Buyer pays for transportation cost) Light set 1: DE Lighting 2 tube T5 5ft - $100 Light set 2: 1 x Maxspect r420r 160w 16k - $300 Light set 3: 1 x Maxspect r420r 160w 16k - $300 Chiller: Mitsubishi Condenser chiller + Titanium Coil - $500 (Buyer pays for dismantling and transportation cost) Skimmer: SKIMZ SM251 rated at 1000-3000 l/hr $400 Wavemaker1: Jebao WP40 - $30 Wavemaker2: Ecotech MP40 (rubber on one button of controller slightly torn) - $250 Reactor: Skimz Reactor - $40 Dosing Pump: Bubble Magnus BMT01 with 2 5-litre and 1 20-litre container - $180 DI Unit:Crystal Pro - 3 Stage DI Unit with Refillable cartridge - $100 Misc stuff 1)Live rocks (More than 300kg) + Live sand $3 per kg 2)Red Sea Supplements 500ml each ABCD - 80% left 3)Refractometer - 40 4) Salifert NO3,PH,MG, Calcium Test Kit all only used a few times - $15 each 5)Magfloat magnet cleaner - $20 6) DI Resin 5L and Carbon 2L each around 30% used - $40
  12. Decomm sale, sale sale sale, all must go! 1)2ft(L) x 1.5ft(h) x 1ft(w) (curved front) glass tank with internal overflow and return pipe. 2)51cm cube sump tank with 3 compartments 3)2 ft cube cabinet Items 1,2 and 3 selling as a set for $70 (good for starters-cond 6/10) 4) resun Cl-280 with external probe mod - $175 (used for 1 yr) 5)Beetle air pump with 4 outlet - $20 (sparingly used) 6)Hydor Prime 20 canister filter - $30 cond 5/10 (not for fussy buyers) 7)isolation box for fish/coral- size (L) - $18 cond 8/10 8)Timer x 3 - $5/ea (cond used) 9)Co2 Y-piece splitter - $15 (cond used) 10)BM Sock holder - $8 (cond NEW) 11)wp-25 (spare set BNIB) never touch water-$45 (cond NEW) 12)Beamswork Hi-Lumen 60 (72white LED + 6Actinic Blue LED) - $45 (cond 8/10) 13)Aquazonic 2 ft T5 4 Tube lightset comes with 4 tubes original white plus 2 ati blue and 1 purple plus. $50 (cond 7/10) Mainly due to the plastic cover cracked but still works fine. 14)PL Light 1.5ft 2 tubes FOC if buy no.13. 15)PAR 38 x 2 sets complete with gooseneck and holder (6 Royal Blue, 4 cool white, 1 red and 1 uv) $70 each or $120 for both (cond 9/10 used for 3 months plus only) 16) weipro sa-2012 - $15 (cond used) 17) 10liter Co2 cylinder tank with NASS magnet solenoid 3\4 full $120 (cond 8/10) Pls watsapp 91two7two473 for pics and to deal directly. Location Punggol. Thank you Happy Reefing!
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