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  1. Best price is $400 sorry will like to open to everyone
  2. Best is price $400 sorry want to open to everyone thanks
  3. New pricing for tank $400 with MH
  4. cr brand koallin cant remember which model is e smallest one if not wrong
  5. Guys will need to place 20% deposit for comfirmation thanks. Hope u guys understand to many irresponsible pilot out there
  6. Bump FYI, tank comes with 2x 250W DE MH, currently both 10k, still new, only used fpr 3months. Koralin Calcium reactor sold seperately have 2 units. $300 each
  7. 4ft (Length) x 2ft (Width) x 2.5ft ( Height) Asking for $500. Buyer provide your own transport. Interested parties Pm me to View and Discuss.
  8. thanks all guys for the interest on iwaki,hope to sell both item together.
  9. selling iwaki MD55 and 4ft beckett skimmer at $500. Thanks
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