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  1. Picture of the sump. Includes weipro SA-2012 attached with dyman 2500, Haliea HX-6540 for overflow. Bioball and gravels included. Modified with a 2 ft flouresecent tube added in the cabinet for lighting. Convenient for maintenance at all times.
  2. Hailea 1 HP chiller. 2 year old. Control panel modified before.
  3. Atman 2 x metal halide and 4 x PL actinic blue lights
  4. Tank spec: 4ft by 2ft by 2.5ft (8mm thick) Comes with hood, hoodcover and wooden cabinet. Sellng as a set consisting of tank with sump, chiller and lightings. Going for $1200. Interested parties please sms at 98235772. Thanks.
  5. dont think so... similar but nope .. hope i didnt mis- ID it...
  6. some of the older corals that i couldnt take the previous time.. now that the algae has been removed ...
  7. new members of my tank. bought it with some injury.. but think should able to get it healthy in no time.
  8. One of my yuma clusters... not as colour as what most other reefers have... but the biggest one measures about 4 inches plus in diameter.
  9. still have some more corals i think i left out. will try and put them all up soon.
  10. sounds good. But i think a bigger skimmer doesnt necessary mean can drag three weeks before a water change.. cause still got all those nitrates and stuff.. dont think any skimmers can fully remove all the waste before they get decompose into nitrates etc.. also depends on other factors such as stocking levels etc.. just a thought!
  11. haha... i see.. i only use Dymax 2500l/h for my weipro 2012. So if your skimmer is bigger, then should use a bigger pump.. *not really sure about which model if bigger or smaller, havent been walking around LFS for quite a while liao... *
  12. hmm... think it should be enough. mine is only a 4000l/H pump for my main tank.. *did i remember it correctly?* As for the skimmer, i believed the weipro 2011 is shorter in height than my 2012? if yes.. think 4000l/h too powerful.. of course thats only my opinion.. can ask the more experienced reefers around..
  13. and of course.. my sump only has enough space for two pumps.. sobz sobz... dont even have space for anything else... sobz white tubing is from a jerry can that i use as a manually operated dripper. DIY.
  14. Now for my humble hardwares ... Think most of you guys here will surpass me in terms of technology and equipment feel so embarassed to be showing it. -blue pipe up the main tank -green pipe down from main tank thru chiller. Works on gravitational pull so that I do not need an extra pump. planned such a way that water doesnt overflow out when there is blackout. -and of course the skimmer
  15. elephant ear asexual reproducing (splitting in two).
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