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  1. Hello bro , can I pay u a visit , interested to see the ATS setup
  2. One fine day go ur house see see look look and chat ahha
  3. Bro , if I remember correctly , u stay around bukit panjang also . We can go chiong farm together ahah .
  4. My thinking is it all depends on the vol of ur tank . Big tanks 422 and up I will suggest drop in smaller tanks can use aquarium chiller . Just my tots
  5. Thanks bro . I used to use UV on my arowana tank and I get very clear water . Am stepping into full time marine and hope to gather as much info as I can . Gotta start by looking at equipments
  6. Superb photography and controlling of the exposure .
  7. Please post pics if there are bros doing so . Hope to know if there are aggressions.
  8. Yes it will be great to see the design again .
  9. Twice a day for me and each feed lasts less than 2 mins . Usually all fish gets to eat . Weekends will feed more intervals as have more time at home.
  10. Try Triple tail ... Sorry I am 1 yr late haha
  11. its a thunder crab !nice green eyes.
  12. 5 feet : 1 x flame,1 x Multicolor , 1 x Yellow. planning to add 1 more flame and maybe flameback.
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