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  1. Thanks for you much appreciated comments. @ firestarter I'm running aquazonic T5 with one sun tube and one actinic blue. I also use the overflow chamber as a kind of refugium using the kit 23 LED light to grow a small amount of chaeto and copepods. Iam thinking very seriously about buying a chiller. @ peacemaker I had thought of the ice probe also but reading around there appears to be some opinion that a single unit is adequate for 10L only and more will be needed for a higher volume. Also according to the manufacturer it only lowers the temperatureof the water between 3.3
  2. Hi everyone, I am trying my hand at a 20L nano reef tank after getting an ibox nano (skimz) as a gift. I'm still just cycling it with nothing in it yet but have noticed I am having problems with the water temperature. I am using a dymax vortex W-8 and a dymax W7 fan to try and cool the system. The ambient temperature can be as high as 32C (Non air conditioned room) and with the fans I only manage to push it downto 29C with lights off. With the lights on I get about 30C after 1-2 hours on. Is getting another fan going to make much difference? Or should I really consider a chiller
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