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  1. Thanks for the encouragement guys. Checked with Gerald, the maximum size for a curved tank is 4ft. On top of that, the tank will have to be made of tempered glass. Tempered glass is a big no no, especially if its meant for marine. He himself said using tempered glass for marine is like having a time bomb in the house.
  2. CR sold and delivered. I'm only left with "Set 1". S$350 for RM beckett, waste collector and pump.
  3. Damn good price bro, upz for yr sale.
  4. Its evolving into a realy nice tank bro. Man .. I can only set back and admire for now ....
  5. Hi guys, I recently purchased these items in anticipation of my new 5ft tank but I have since shelved the plan due to some problems. Have the below items for sale, got them from another reefer and have yet to use them. The items are in excellent and almost new condition, have not even touched saltwater since I got them. Pumps have been tested in freshwater and its working perfectly, I would prefer selling it as a set instead of individual sales. For serious buyers, I will deliver the items at no extra charge once the deal is confirmed. You can also self collect at Changi if you need the item urgently. Set 1: 1) RM Beckett skimmer (8" diameter, 28" height) 2) RM waste collector 3) Resun MD55 pressure rated pump Selling at S$350 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Set 2: 1) RM calcium reactor with Eheim 1250 pump 2) Secondary chamber 3) 1.5L CO2 tank (fully filled and unused) Selling at S$250
  6. Out of respect and not wanting to upset my parents, I have decided against setting up the tank. The position of the proposed location clashes with the geomancer's calculations; and that is the only location I can place my tank. Looks like I'm not destined to make a come back. How can I not have any corners pointing at the front door ... darn!!! Have not heard of any 5ft curved tank and cabinet set before.
  7. He's good! Offered me thicker Chengai beams and flatform as my cabinet is pretty high(48"). He's a pretty easy going guy and did not charge me for extra work; thats why I did not bargin with him as the price is already very reasonable. The excellent service aside, he's very honest and forthcoming as well. And on top of that, he's pretty knowledgeable with cabinet design and construction.
  8. MCB rating is standard at 20A/15A for homes? Thats what I'm worried about, was told the same MCB might be shared by several other points. For safety sake, my last resort would be to have an electrician tap the incoming mains and have a seperate MCB.
  9. Anyone else here using a single main point to power all your equipment?
  10. Will give him the go ahead once my parents consult the geomancer tomorrow, will be settling for a 5ft*2ft*2.5ft(H) as 6" of viewable space will go to the hood and bottom. He came prepared with lots of pictures, technical diagrams and laminate samples.
  11. Had a very reasonable quote from him today, did not even bother to bargin as its already a very good price. On top of that, he was very patient and honest; excellent service!
  12. I was told its not the number of main points used but rather whether each individual point is connected to a NCB. Else, it will still trip when there is an overload or surge.
  13. Hi guys, How many main power points are you using for your marine tank? I'm in the mist of planning my 5ft tank and I'm facing an electrical problem. I only have one main power point to power the folowing equipment, 1) 0.5hp or 1hp chiller 2) 300W MH (150W*2) 3) 160W T5 4) 4 * pumps (including one MD55) 5) A couple of in-tank wave makers I might be adding more equipment in the future and I'm concerned about the safety issues pertaining to using one main point. Even if I were to use an extension cord, the load would still be on a single NCB and I'm also worried about fire. Would appreciate it you guys could provide some feedbacks. Thanks
  14. Gerald will be coming down to place this weekend, extremely patient and friendly guy; service over the phone was excellent. And not to mention, his prices are very reasonable. Just in case you are wondering, he's using Chengai wood.
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