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  1. Okayy. For now, ive alr got in hand my MH Chiller Additives.
  2. Guys, is a calcium reactor needed? What does it do anyway? What im currently using to maintain my LPS is by using IWARNA'S TOP-UP. TO MAINLY MAINTAIN MY : MAGNESIUM kH CALCIUM I dose 275ml every 3 days into my 380 litres tank including my sump. For Strontium i used Seachem's Reef Advantage Strontium. For coral food, im using KentMarine Super concentrated zooplankton and pytoplankton. Please advise for room for improvements. Thanks.
  3. I am planning of buying a dymax 3ft MH to keep sps. Will my sps thrive with that?
  4. @Scolymia You said that there is some brand that is fairly priced may i know what is that brand youre talking about? But if i really go for the AquaZonic, will therr be any results of growth? As thats my only main concern.
  5. Thanks guys for the useful info. But im still 17 anyway still quite tight on budget wise. Will any kind souls here be willing to sell me a second hand one? As for now i dont really have what it takes to keep sps corals. Will it be easy to make them grow?
  6. Hi guys, thanks for the advise. But for now, im only using a beamworks LED. What do you guys think if i would to switch to AquaZonic T5 4bulbs lighting? Then change all 4 bulbs to ATI? Would it be sufficient? Please advise:) Many thanks!
  8. Ermm, not exactly bahh. To be exact, the 4 domino damsels are the last fish i put in. Sorry for the late response. Was busy lately..
  9. @Uncle Jon Yes , indeed .. It is a 3ft(L) 1.5ft( 2ft(H) tank. I have a 106litres sump tank. Yes i have live rocks. At the same time i also have corals. BATAM BRANCH HAMMER x1 YELLOW TORCH CORAL x2 CAT EYE BUBBLE x1 RED OPEN BRAIN x1 MULTI COLOUR OPEN BRAIN x1 GONIOPORA STOKESI x4 TRUE OCTOPUS x2 BALI BRANCHED HAMMER x2 BALI HAMMER WHOLE x4 GIANT CLAMS x2 PLEASE FURTHER ADVISE WHAT IS THERE I CAN DO. THANKS GUYS.
  10. @sngolf Bro, if this is the case, my fishes have survived the disease for more than a week already. Can i assume that it isnt velvet? Anyway bro, how much is it? Is it possible for you to get it for me? Then we meet somewhere? Dont really know the place..
  11. @sngolf Where is it located? Not quite sure where is ayer rajah market.. Please advise. Thanks.
  12. @UncleJon TANK SIZE: 90x45x60 Not kinda sure my Nitrate level, as my nitrate test kit recently used up already.. Sorry about that.
  13. Problem is that i cant be able to catch my fishes out.. therefore there isnt anyway to leave the tank fishless... any suggestions on medication?
  14. A very good evening to the people out there. Recently, my LPS reef tank is down with a series of whitespot also known as MARINE ICH. Can i have the most expert advise and the best method to cure this pest? Ive been keeping this hobby for about 5 years for now. But have never once success in overcoming this ICH. I would really appreciate some help. Thanks. My fishes have been battling the spots for about 9 days now. But they are still very active and eating very well. May i know why? Is this Whitespot OR Velvet. Can anyone identify it for me? As from what i read , Velvet kills the fishes wi
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