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  1. Tanks collected. Mod, please close thread thanks!
  2. Some 2 feet tanks to give away by this week otherwise it's going out of the house. Some are made from glass, others are plastic. Not for fussy takers. Pm for collection add
  3. upz, still looking
  4. Hi, i am looking to buy a UV sterilizer (32W or more preferred). do PM me your details Thanks~
  5. Upz still far from filling the tank~ thanks for all the kind offers that were made. appreciate it!
  6. Couldn't reply all that offered but thanks all for the offers, i am still looking for bio media to fill my 1tonne filter (marine pond). live rocks offers are welcome (not looking for aesthetic rocks) anyone know of wholesaler in aquaculture/aquarium supplies? PM me~ Thanks in advance
  7. upz any form of Bio filter/media are welcome.
  8. Hi All, looking for above in large qty. please PM me qty and price. thanks!
  9. Hi guys, anyone know where i can get AquaCare Algae Medium in Singapore? i would like to cultivate some nannochloropsis Thanks~
  10. Hi Guys, i read on the net that we could use Sodium Bicarbonate and carbonate to increase our KH. http://web.archive.org/web/20021127040526/http://www.advancedaquarist.com/issues/nov2002/chem.htm Bicarbonate and carbonate are used in different PH values. my question is, if corals use bicarbonate to make their shell(carbonate) shouldn't we be dosing bicarbonate instead of carbonate?
  11. great ideas and improvements. think i'm gonna try this!
  12. manage to revive the algae, but i now worry its the wrong algae coz this batch seem rather hardy. it has remained at its peak for like a week now and no sign of crashing. i have read online somewhere (tried to revisit the site but couln't find it) that nannochloropsis could mutate into some other cell which are more hardy. Any idea how can i spot if the algae has changed?
  13. cool, i might have to consider a RO/DI unit then. seems like its pretty costly to keep purchasing water from stores (imagine the cartons i got to carry ><) on the topic of heavy metals, what are the effect of them on corals anyway? btw RO/DI units need not be run 24 hrs right? they can be used only when required? Is there a volume capacity tied to spec of the RO/DI unit? it seems like they usually only specify a GPD rate and a TDS has to be used to determine if the contents has to be changed out. please correct me if im wrong here. anyone has a gauge on the volume of water produced for a ZERO 5stage RO/DI unit can produce before the content need to be changed out? http://www.madpetz.com.sg/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=&products_id=395 apologies for tonnes of question. getting really excited on starting this new reef hobby.
  14. that clears up the mist. i have a large koi pond actually, was wondering if i could use the water from there to top up instead of buying RO/DI water. but since koi ponds can be considered aged freshwater? there will still be trances of silicates, phosphates and other dissolved organics?
  15. i'm doing a reef tank. I am still in the midst of cycling the water still. what is "aged" freshwater? is there a benefit to use RO/DI instead of dechlorinated tap water? Where do you get RO/DI water? mineral bottles? Thanks for the help so far
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