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  1. Is this angle bracket mention? I brought numbers of it however it seem to be small. I intend to make using the aluminium bar with longer length and drill hole to screw it on the arm.
  2. The arm will stretch 150mm and there will be 2 arm and the led light weight is not more than 2kg. No idea whether will it hold but will test before mount it to cabinet. Worst case add a extended support to the right angle of the 2 arm.
  3. Still material preparation and most likely will stretch until coming holiday as dont want to create inconvience to neighbor during weekday.
  4. I had thought of that too. I had play around the hanging kit and i need to press the set screw and lift 1 side at a time. Thought of sliding cause just slide once and im ready to go. Lazy people mah.
  5. Noted with your comment. I change water from top of tank and sliding make easy for me plus my itchy hand like to do scaping.
  6. Sharing my light stand. Material cutting in-progress and add sliding concept to the light stand. Feel free to comment.
  7. Haha, thanks for your poison. Actually i already had this poison 8 yrs ago but decomm due to family commitment. I had a 2 x 1.5 tank and it was just nice with less maintenance but waiting for 东风.
  8. Going for ehiem is a right choice and both model equally OK except head loss is better using 1250 and it can use for both submerged or non.
  9. Cheato was there about 3 week. The color is same when put in and using stock led light probably 4 watt. There is sponge on top and bottom of the cheato. It could be my luck but it seem to expand i just remove some last week. N03 color a bit lighter where reading seem to drop from 50 to 25~50.
  10. Ty. It was maxspect g2 60w customise with 12 blue n 6 white.
  11. Ist compartment-cheato, 2nd compartment- bio home+, 3rd compartment- pump and water detector.
  12. IOS use eheim 600l/hr, hydor nano wavemaker and auto water top up with tunze nano. That all, no skimmer.
  13. Ty. That was a tail spot blenny but can't survive on day 4 in there.
  14. It true mix salt water a bit troublesome but the lfs sell water some is having low sg which i brought. End up still need to add salt.
  15. Is custom made or buy? Wanted to install for my tank also.
  16. Interested with light stand using stainless steel pipe. Any picture?
  17. Just to share my new nano tank. I had issue on my mg reading if 950. Any advice to improve it? My cal 420, dkh 8.6 and sg 1.024.
  18. Very nice tank. Can pm the price of the led light? I see u already had ios, what is the purpose of the hof?
  19. I see some lfs sell pair with $XXX.XX and they dont seem to fight. Any trick to do that?
  20. I got a pair a true percula clown and the small one being bash until few area fin damage for almost 2 week. Anyone know how long it will last before the big one stop the bully?
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