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  1. Interested too if any bros can spare some as well.
  2. Here is the image. http://s1121.photobucket.com/user/hollymollyg/media/IMG_6853.jpg.html'>
  3. Hi bros. just an update on my coral. Its becoming from bad to worse (i think) on the left side. What does this mean? is it dead on the left? the right look fine though. any chance of recovery?
  4. Hi bro. just to share. i just had my tank cycled too. its been running about three months now. for the first month, diatoms was blooming like fireworks. so this is what i did. Got a pair of sand dollar for the sands. Gotten three turbo snails for the live rock and glass. On every other day, i regularly brush the diatoms off using a toothbrush. I realised that the more the light is on, the more the diatoms will grow. So i decided to do a water change and the diatoms are gone. well, not 100% gone, but atleast i would say theres a decrease of atleast 80% of diatoms in the tank. Well, this was based on my experience. Not sure if it will apply to everyone in particular.
  5. thought of doing hypo treatment tooo... my SG level initially was 1.025. den i slowly decrease it to 1.021 over a few days. when it hits 1.021, my hammer was closing up and wasnt "enjoying" the water. so i increased my SG level back to 1.025 and the hammer went back to normal. so i guess hypo treatment is a no no for me?
  6. thank you for the experiecne sharing. currently only my blue tang is having ich. my tomato clown, yellow tang, and foxface dont show any ich, will start the treatment soon.
  7. so i decided to take the risk and leave one dead sand dollar in the tank for a couple of days, no ammonia increase noted. but decided to take it off after the fourth day. dont wanna play with luck!
  8. need advise on this as well. gonna give Microbelift Herbtana a try then.
  9. KH and MG, will do. So for now, ill just wait till the "bald" part recover? How long does it usualy takes?
  10. Thanks! Hopefully it will!! Yes topping up.Brown jelly disease right? Heard of it. But isnt the jelly suppose to be brown? Mine isnt brown. Mine is just clear, see through "jelly". And nope, there are no fish pecking. Here is my parameters.. SG: 1.025 pH: 8.3 Ammonia: 0 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Nitrate: 5 ppm Phosphate: 0 ppm Calcium: 440ppm
  11. ooopppssss. i think mine is dying/dead!!! can we just leave it in the tank? will it contributes to ammonia spikes etc?
  12. Just curious, what are the signs of a dying/dead sand dollars?
  13. Hi bros. I had hammer corals for around 2 weeks already. it was very healthy, it fully extend everyday. Till i did a WC on Sunday. It retracted back, notice a layer of white slime after the WC. Up till now, they are only extended on both ends leaving the middle of the head "bald". Should i be worried or will it recover over time? Don't think its due to my parameter as i have been diligently take note of the levels for the past few days. any bros have experience this or maybe can give a helping hand?
  14. thank you for your input. how about salt mix? is there any good recommendation of salt mix based on experience? or is all salt mix the same? i was thinking of getting brightwell aquatic neomarine reefsalt. is anyone using that currently?
  15. Okay sure. Will go for a sump. How about the additives? Those treatments? Any recommendation?
  16. Hi reef bros. im starting this hobby soon and i have these following equipments already. My question is, is this enough for a basic set up? 2ft tank Bm nac 3.5 skimmer Eheim pro 2 canister Sunsun wavemaker Hailea chiller Is this enough for a basic tank for fishes and corals? Thank you in advance.
  17. Hey guys. Im interested in starting a marine tank. Just a small 2 ft tank. My friend recommended starting with Jireh quick start up guide. He said he has been using it for 2 years and theres no problem. But after reading feedbacks here, im starting to have doubt with the system. My problem is. If i were to get the quick start system, everything will be "spoon fed" for me. But if i chose not to get it, can anyone kindly advise me on the equipments that i need? From what i understand, i need a pump, skimmer. Is that all? E.g. Do i still need a chiller for a small tank? Help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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