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  1. Selling away my hydra 52. Still under warranty. Receipt available to show proof of date purchase. Light set about 1 month old. Selling together with controller and hanging kit. Asking for $600. Whatsapp/SMS 9657 one one nine one!
  2. wow! nice set up. spare me some sps please.
  3. for 500mls bottle plus vitality u looking at around 4 blue notes.
  4. Yup. can get at iwarna, deaquatics for eastside. henry for westside.
  5. Yup i guess ur water is too clean. spot any nudis?
  6. Very thoughtful reefer. Post more if there are more chaetos to giveaway
  7. I actually almost used this product till i heard FM was better. Would also like to listen to input for red sea product users as well.
  8. another vote for FM. hahaha. seems like alot of users are satisfied with FM color elements.
  9. Thanks for the bros that replied. Forget to mention. Under a ULNS system, all other aspect is as stable. So what is the best additive? Many bros here vote for FM i see.
  10. As stated on the title, out of experience from many bros here reefing for many years now, im wondering what is the best color element additives that really let the colors of ur corals (esp SPS) out. There is a few product in the market. Red Sea, Grotech, Tropic Marin, Fauna Marin etc. so just wondering what is the best product u ever tried? Or do you stick to the traditional method of weekly wc? Share your thoughts!
  11. Hmmmm i dont think u can find anywhere else besides the box and under the director itself. Try asking previous owner the serial? Hpefully he havent delete the history on his desktop.
  12. All items sold. Left with the light fixture. ATI Sunpower 39W x 6 tubes. - $400 (Comes complete with hanging kit and will give another 3 extra tubes to complete the deal) 3 tubes are still new. Sms/Whatsapp at 96571191 to nego.
  13. UPZ. 3 spare bulbs to throw in to buyer. comes with hanging kit.
  14. Bro one of the reefer selling. Can try this link.
  15. Reduce nutrients and get an algae scrubber should do the trick. U can diy ur own algae scrubber. Save cost.
  16. bro whatsapp me the pic in white light can? 9657 one one nine one. thanks!
  17. Like what bro andtsg said, work on ur corals. Not ur reading. If the corals are healthy and is used to such level of ph, just stick to it. No point decreasing the ph when ur corals are already healthy.
  18. Hi bro. Im getting one tomorrow from one of the company supplying distilled water accessories. I can pm u the details if u are keen.
  19. Lucky i came across this thread. Was planning to get one moorish idol.
  20. Used this product when i started the reefing scene. It does what it says. I managed to maintain my kh and cal with 2 times dose weekly. But it gets expensive in the long run.
  21. Hydra 26 sold together with the director. UPS for the ATI Sunpower. Price nego.
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