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  1. As above. Giving this blenny. Collection at yishun tonight at 8-9pm only. sms 91254723. fcfs
  2. As above, first to collect it. Sms 91254723. Collection at sembawang Tml morning.
  3. $15 dollar if collect by Tml morning. Anyone?
  4. Sorry to hijack your thread Bro. Above clownfish now inside my tank, looking to sell again. Too big for my liking. Sms 91254723. Collection Tml.
  5. To give away. Collection tonight at yishun. Sms 91254723
  6. About fist size. colour is a bit of green with a bit of purple tip. Selling at $25. collection at admiralty street. sms 91254723.
  7. Looking for the below zoas: 1) Sonic Flare 2) Sakurai 3) Mary Jane 4) Insane rainbow 5) Flamingo 6) Darkside superman 7) Chong Bong 8) Blue spearmint 9) Hell angel 10) Monster Inc Looking at 1 polyp each. Pm me the price.
  8. Bro, looking for this? still available as of yesterday 5pm.
  9. collection by today 29/05/2014 at sembawang area. else going to the bin. About 1 tub of 5l bac king container. sms 91254723
  10. some update on my tank. haha
  11. Very healthy. Selfcollect at yishun or sembawang. Sms 91254723.
  12. I using 2 overflow pipe. 1 in full siphon, the other act as a backup.
  13. Look at my design. I Diy the overflow setup. Very very silent.
  14. Any trial discount in LFS? Interested to try for my 3ft tank.
  15. Yea. Anyone looking for me? Need free parking ar? Anyone letting go of pulsing xenia?
  16. So kind of me right? anyone?
  17. Haha. So anyone wan to park their coral at my tank? Free parking.
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