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  1. A refugium that serve 2 purpose, Good for display and also reduce Nitrate. Cooool....
  2. Neat and clean. Yet to see once full system run in. But anyway, the arrangement is definitely very NEAT. Nice...
  3. Can I also ask whether running Bio pellet and hypo-salinity at the same time. Any effect, appreciate some advise as I am having very high nitrate and icks on fishes. So doing 2 things together.
  4. Very excited to know what is your progress...Do share when available.
  5. Another lesson learn on rare fishes of the deep....interesting thanks
  6. Sorry, I miss above as I cannot see the photos at all. Must check with moderator.
  7. The light is beautiful, Can pm me the cost...thks
  8. Interested in the LED lights as well, plse include PM me...thks
  9. Nice and challenging...Good to see upgrading and happy reefing.
  10. Nano also have it own uniqueness.....Nice and appreciated.
  11. Only keep very low stock on fishes but display mainly on corals. Nice.
  12. Everything remain small in a small tank will look cute and beautiful. LFS Ah Beng have a few small tanks display as well.
  13. Do you feed vege. I feed alot as my YT and Angels love them so much. Maybe I should tried some Sea Hum as well.
  14. forgot to mentioned, my reading from testkit is so red that I believe it is very high. but fishes still OK, algae grow on tank etc...
  15. Sorry, I thought by adding carbon reduce Nitrate and that is ideal for fishes as well. Pardon my ignorance because I have very high Nitrate problem
  16. Such condition fishes don't know got white spot or not. And we are eating it. Anyway, after cook all parasites also die already...hmmm Sorry just joking. my problem is high Nitrate and still figuring how to reduce it and that is why I follow this thread....thks
  17. Hi all, Have been trailing this post to see what is best for Ick treatment. So far no luck to fully rid the ick. Guess have to set up a small QT as advise above...thks
  18. Nice to have, but difficult to keep. Can't get them to feed in community fish tank.
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