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  1. Hi! Have the following for sale ATI T5 Fixtures are known to be PAR Monsters. Able to grow SPS on the sandbed, easily. 1) ATI SUNPOWER 6X39W T5HO Fixture. Made in Germany. New Upgraded Fan. Comes with 1 week old ATI Bulbs(worth $192)(3Xblue Plus,3X Blue spezial) Selling at $480. Deduct $100 if you dont want the bulbs. 2) ATI Power Module 4X39W T5HO Fixture. Made in Germany Comes with 1 week old ATI Bulbs(worth $128)(3X Blue Plus,1X Blue Spezial) Selling at $300. Deduct $75 if you dont want the bulbs. 3) Tunze 6100,6101 2x Tunze 6101 series for sale. $160 each or $280 for 2 + Free Single Controller. upgraded to magnetic mount. Single controller alone $30 Sms me at 97667o93 Mervin Thanks!
  2. Where can I find the Hannah Checker series?

  3. Where can I find the Hannah Checker series?

    1. cedricang


      Bro, i think you can get it direct from Hannah Singapore

    2. moron_clown


      Oh ok. Thanks Cedric!

    3. jackywongto


      google hanna instruments singapore. they are at kallang way. call to check for stocks and they accept cash only.

  4. http://www.aquacave.com/NPDPopImage.aspx?pi=http://www.aquacave.com/images/Turbelle%20stream%206100%201.jpg Please see link, note that the mount has been upgraded to magnet mount,far better.
  5. Hi all! I have the following for sale - Tunze 6101 - used for 2 years - Flow rate: 4,000 to 12,000 l/h (1,056 to 3,170 US gal./h) - Energy consumption: maximum 45 W - Voltage / frequency: 230V/50-60Hz - Cable length: 5 m (196 in.) - Dimensions: diam. 98 x 118 mm (3.8 x 4.6 in.) - Outlet: diam. 50/47 mm (1.96/1.85 in.) Controllable, upgraded with magnetic mount Changed new shaft/impeller 2 months ago $250 Perfect working condition Tunze 6100.10 - used for 2.5years Specs same as 6101 Perfect working condition Upgraded magnetic mount - $200 Both pumps were used at not more than 70% capacity because I'm using these monsters in a 3 footer. Tunze single controller- totally new and unused. Free if you buy both pumps, $50 if not. SMS me at 97667o93 - Mervin Free delivery if buying all items, if not self collect in north area. I will dismantle and wash soak the pumps in vinegar to get rid of coralline, will look new. Ready for collection on Thursday. Specs same as above
  6. 10 months warranty, will deliver to amk, yck, yishun, khatib, sembawang, woodlands area.Kept inside plastic bag now, no longer in use. $180 is the lowest price, if not I'll just keep it.
  7. Hi! Set is in perfect condition just like buying brandnew. Bought 6 weeks ago, used for 8 hours everyday.
  8. Hi selling the maxspeg g1 60w . Bought from iwarna @ $260 6 weeks ago. Selling $200. SMS me at 97667093.
  9. Thanks Marc. Big Blue mille frag left 1 big 1 small, tri colour left 1 big. rest still avail.
  10. Hi fellow reefers, emptying my frag rack for next round of fragging. 1)Baby Blue Millepora(Acropora Millepora) Condition- Fragged 2 months ago,well encrusted,good polyp extension Colour- Baby Blue base,baby blue polyps Price- 2 Frags with multiple branches for $60 each, 1 single branch frag $50 each Picture of Mother Colony 2)Bali Tricolor Acropora Condition- Fragged 2 months ago, well encrusted, good polyp extension Colour- Classic Tri colour , Cream Base,Green Polyps,Blue tips Price- 2 X 4inch frags with multiple branches $40 each Please note that the picture is outdated,base is cream instead of purple. 3)Blue Tort (Acropora Tortuosa) Condition Fragged 2 1/2 months ago,very well encrusted,good polyp extention Colour Rich blue base with green outlines,green/baby blue polyps Price- 1 X 2 1/2 inch frag $35, 2 X 2inch frags $30 Mother Colony 4)Dark Blue Digitata (Montipora Digitata) Condition Fragged 1 month ago, encrusted, good polyp extension Colour Dark Blue base with brown polyps Price 1 X 2inch frag with multiple branches $30 5)Forest Fire Digitata (Montopora Digitata) Condition Fragged 1 month ago, encrusted,good polyp extension Colour Classic Forest Fire Green base,orange polyps Price 1 X 1 1/2 inch small frag $20 Pictured alongside blue mille and tricolour 6)Blue Tip tenuis (Acropora Tenuis) Condition Fragged 1 1/2 Months ago, well encrusted, good polyp extension Colour Greenish cream body, blue tips with light green polyps Price 2 X 2inches frags $30 each Picture of mother colony 7)Green Bali Slimer Condition Fragged 1 month ago, encrusted, good polyp extension Colour Bright Green base,green polyps Price Foc for 1st reefer to confirm purchase over $50 Terms of sale As always, collection will only be on wednesday evening 6.30-10pm due to my very tight schedule. Collection will be at Springleaf Avenue,(near neesoon camp). All frags will be on frag plugs unless otherwise stated. Containers will be provided by me unless otherwise stated. I doubt anyone will want to buy all the frags, but if anyone is interested in buying all, i will give a 30% off as usual. Pm me.
  11. Closer Up Blue tip green staghorn Green Loripes with light blue tips
  12. More updates and pics under whiter tank lighting Left side of the tank Right side on the tank Center shot
  13. Hi and thanks. Tubes wise i'm using ATI Blue Plus ATI Blue Plus ATI Aqua blue spezial ATI Aqua blue spezial URI UVL Atinic ATI Aqua blue spezial ATI Blue Plus Ati Blue Plus Growth wise i found it to be much slower than my previous Mh setup. It could be the lower nutrients in the current tank too. No problems holding colour,even for the more demanding species on the contrary, lower lighting requirement species will bleach without proper lighting acclimatisation. As for the AT, i will not be attempting another one anytime soon.Haha.
  14. Haha, come over when u're free then.
  15. thanks, this is as white as it gets. Time to drop by your place for a visit and grab some frags!
  16. Thanks wrasse guru.haha, he's my first fairy wrasse.like waited so damn long. this is the fist time since i got him that he does this,now i know why u guys get so excited when u see wrasses flashing. damn ive been missing out on the action.
  17. Thanks for looking! More to come, for now i need to sleep!
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