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  1. Hi, Looking to trade my hammers for non green corals. Please PM with pictures of the corals you have for trade. Thanks for looking.
  2. The PBT has been reserved, will inform the next in-line if it wasn’t collected. Trend closed. Thanks SRC.
  3. For adoption , brown tang , Large size. Cannot get along with my Yellow tang. Brown tang living in my sump for three months. Bring own bucket. If I don’t reply to your pm.. means it is taken. Thanks
  4. Ric Florida single and double, four/five head @ $10,$15 and $40. RBTA small / big @ $10,$15. Collect at Punggol. Thanks
  5. IMG_3373.MOV Neon Green Leather finger , 4 main stalk multiple branching, @ $120. collect Punggol.
  6. Sorry to those whom I have not reply. All corals are reserved. Will inform if it is available again. Thanks.
  7. Neon Green Leather finger , multiple branching, open up big@ $50. Neon Green Toxic Hammer , 2 heads and 3-4 heads @ $30 & $50.
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