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  1. Nope not yet didnt have the time to drop by. Will do ones the holidays are in!
  2. Or u can add a skunk cleaner shrimp..specially cute when they start dancing back and forth begging for fishes to enter their cleaning service
  3. I got the powder form. I only have lps and they love it. But from what i see online sps do react to them.
  4. Really depends on the type of fish you are keeping and your filtration system. Also how much husbandry you are willing to put into the tank
  5. If using tap water definitely need to use dechlorinator..also not really advisable since tapwater contains nitrates and stuff not desireable in the tank
  6. Wow looks cool whats the name of that coral?
  7. Got check the fins of the dead fish? Could be due to stress from transport and possible harrasement from the dominant damsel that already "claimed" the tank. Either way it could be due to sudden rise in pollutants in the tank leading to a spike in ammonia nitrite or nitrate. Prolly should check for all 3 when introducing new fishes specially if its 3 at one go and your system only used to one fish. All the best!!!
  8. This small?? Haha http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AG4AvV6wz5Q
  9. Maybe your water too clean...hahah...i using reef octopus...mine tends to stay that way for a few days until it starts catching the detritus than it starts foaming
  10. Maybe can try those small plastic fish tank use to put guppies etc. Since its transparent less likely to gain attention from the clown.
  11. I stay along dunearn opposite coronation
  12. Hello, does anyone know where i can get those large water drum to store my ro/di water. Currently using ikea containers must too flimsy scared it will give way sooner or later. Thanks!
  13. Really? I tot they were pooping i have 7 of them and they do this often
  14. Okay nvm transfered to my com mamaged to open. Its just pooping. All my turbo snail does that as its eating
  15. Have u checked for ammonia and nitrite?? If they are both 0 than the cycle is most probably done. Usually cycling should be done without adding livestock to prevent likelihood of livestock dieing. So keep an eye on them. All the best!
  16. At GO. It was on promo. Last i went they had green and purple long tentacle and few different short ones. 3 different kind of lps for 90.
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