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  1. Anenome will keep moving around till it finds a comfortable spot to settle. That being said, they might just decide one day to move again so maksure if u have any wavemaker put a mesh around it to prevent it from being suck in.
  2. I just place it on my main display rock and use a mesh to cover on top of it. Make sure its snug enough that the ricordia doesnt move but not too tight that it cuts through. As for the mesh i just tug it around the rock in crevices. Leave for a week or two and wala!
  3. Can try fresh n marine. They will deliver to you for free
  4. Put some in refugium at least safer place for them
  5. Also must check their back garage for more varieties they might not display all at one go [emoji12]
  6. Got my australian golden stem torch coral from aquarist chamber. Can put ur number down and they will call you if in stock.
  7. Just got mine about two weeks back. Initially only focused on nibbing algae and stuff off the rocks, wasnt interested in the seaweed i out on the clip. But soon after most of the algae on the rocks are depleted it started on the seaweed. It only started eating frozen food after observing my other fish eat frozen food. Guess it takes time, naturally they will understand that the seaweed you out inside is food
  8. Guess its normal? Since the place you got it from probably got it by cutting or tearing it out from a larger chaeto. I always get stray strands when i harvest mine
  9. You think taxi will help transport? If they do i dont mind getting fron you
  10. How long have your tank been set up? Could be that by shifting the rocks around. Some of the microfauna died resulting in a spike in ammonia. Another reason could be that your tank not done cycling yet
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