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  1. I just place it on my main display rock and use a mesh to cover on top of it. Make sure its snug enough that the ricordia doesnt move but not too tight that it cuts through. As for the mesh i just tug it around the rock in crevices. Leave for a week or two and wala!

  2. Just got mine about two weeks back. Initially only focused on nibbing algae and stuff off the rocks, wasnt interested in the seaweed i out on the clip. But soon after most of the algae on the rocks are depleted it started on the seaweed. It only started eating frozen food after observing my other fish eat frozen food. Guess it takes time, naturally they will understand that the seaweed you out inside is food

  3. Woea, like tat there is no guarantee one day it ends up being juiced. Will it die if we glue them to rock?

    Not recommended to glue them. Firstly it might not be an ideal spot for it to flourish. Secondly cant really glue them cause i doubt the glue will stick its base. One way is to cover your wavemaker with a thin mesh or a filter foam to prevent it from being sucked in.
  4. Haha! Well mine is working too :)

    I only put rocks in so that my corals have somewhere to sit on. The main biofiltration is in the IOS.

    Hmm .. you might wanna put your cheato in a plastic container instead of letting it float freely in the main tank. It can get pretty messy.

    If you put your chaeto inside just remember to have plenty of holes to allow good flow of water through
  5. Hey Bro Mitchell, i use coral rx too, lots of dead and dirty stuff fall out too.. But i will only dip for 10 mins, is it ok for your corals after 15 mins? what kind of corals have you dipped 15 mins? Probably will try 15 mins if we are dipping the same type of corals :D

    I dip all my lps that long haha. While at the same time using a syringe to get thise pests stuck in the rocks and coralss
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