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  1. Im also keeping purely lps and anenome. Im using the 160watt abd i got to say i love it. At 100 percent it can get really bright. And also the slime form factor is attractive

    160watt maxspect razor. Haha. And the razor is really slim which makes the overall lopk of the tank nicer. Plus at 100% its really bright. Ps autocorrect i didnt check
  2. I feed them phytoxxx live but after one week the population become lesser... i think my two green dragonet eat faster than they can grow...

    Woah thats hard to maintain. Currently got one dragonet. Fortunately my pods population still able to maintain. I dont mind getting those pods that shops harvest themself.
  3. Hi mI708 I saw this live copepods today at Iwarna selling in a bottle. Not sure about the price. Its in a fridge transfer font fridge .

    I think you mean the tigger pods? I bought a bottle to start top up my refug. But day after i pour it in i see nothing left. Hahah.
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