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  1. I switched from red sea coral to the pro version....noticed polyp open better...but for pro cannot mix for too long in your container if not the water will get cloudy..also...before using the salt remember to roll the barrel around couple of times to make sure the salt is properly as during storage the ingredients might settle down leading to inconsistent parameters

  2. Dunnoe if this is considered DIY but what i did was get airline tubing with a 3 way air valve and stick together as the picture below. Of cause the bottle can be as big as u want. Just make sure the tupperware where your livestock is in can contain all the water if no overflow gg


    I use 3 so that i can acclimatise 3 different bags of livestock at one go as it sits in the tank water

  3. I also have one more than a feet long...after discovering its existence in my tank ive never ever dared going near the rock where it stays with my bare hands...seems to do no harm though...good to know it eats up all the left over food in my tank

  4. Why not to be safe tentitively get it out of your tabk and put it in your sump? Can always use the water bottle trick with some dead market prawns. Did this when i initially got my liverock. Managed to catch 3 red hairy ones and a black hairy one

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