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  1. Up for dussu Sohal sold, sorry to those i didnt reply.
  2. - Price reduce - Set A Rose A + RR A + interstellar = $140 (with free delivery) Set B Rose B + RR B + interstellar = $160 (with free delivery)
  3. Interested can PM me for viewing - Measurement estimated head to tail - Self collection at Punggol Central - Delivery +$20 - fishes pellet fed exclusively - fishes went through the quarantine process before Sohal (4-5”) * $180 * Had it for 4 month, selling because bought a larger sohal * Beautiful crescent shape tail , short body Dussumieri (7-8”) * $180 * Had it for >2 years , selling to reduce load * Gentle giant * Making way for new fish
  4. Rose Pavona A: $60 Rose Pavona B: $60 RR Nauti Spiral A (small): $60 RR Nauti Spiral B (med): $80 Interstellar Mushroom: $50 Set A Rose A + RR A + interstellar = $160 (with free delivery) Set B Rose B + RR B + interstellar = $180 (with free delivery)
  5. Letting go as getting bullied by my Red Sea Sailfin. Nice short body. Pellet fed, had it for about a year+. $60 self collect +$10 for delivery
  6. healthy rare specimen, feeding on pellet, nori and frozen mysis. $1,800 (approx 3-4 inch) - Welcome to view for interested party - Will only trap upon confirmation of sale) - 50% deposit upon confirmation - once fish caught, strongly recommend to collect within 24 hour to reduce fish stress
  7. If confirm by tonight, will provide free delivery to you. So $100 all in. Avail for trade as well, PM what you have and we can discuss.
  8. Large piece. Wysiwyg (Picture taken in white light) $100, collection at punggol (or delivery for $10-15)
  9. Bundle $100 + free delivery Purple Plate Coral $50 Interstellar Mushroom $40 Magician Paly $15
  10. Used in good condition $120 *top up $10 for delivery to your place PM if interested. Features Bubble Magus Curve A5 is a protein skimmer that extracts and removes nitrogenous organic waste in saltwater aquarium, improves water quality for fish and reef. High quality polished cell cast acrylic body Long lasting efficient skimmer pump Stylish space saving design High air suction Specifications MOdel: Bubble Magus Curve A5 Pump : Rock DSP1000 Power: DC24V/13W AC/DC: AC 100-240V/ 50/60Hz_DC24V 1A Size: 185*180*470mm Tank: 300L-500L Water level: 20cm
  11. Trading my lokani sps for your red dragon sps. Pm if keen.
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