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  1. $90 , foc red monti frag (if you want) Rose Pavona Frag (approx 1-2 inch size) - $70 24k Gold Lepto frag - $25 Round tip Pink birdnest frag - $15
  2. Yellow / Lime Green Elegance as per pic wysiwyg (On some occasion it gets long tentacle. On some occasion it get short tentacle) RFS: selling away as it is getting too big and start to sting surrounding coral. Size: Take gem tang as reference , gem tang approx 4inch. Elegance approx 12 inch when fully extended. Viewing available at Punggol Central $450 or nearest offer
  3. RR Nauti Spiral Monti $80 Pink Rose Pavona Cactus (fully encrust) - Sold
  4. Seen some small one at ah beng aquarium last week. Can go there have a look.
  5. RR Nauti Spiral Monti $80 mother colony for reference Pink Rose Pavona Cactus (fully encrust) - $80 mother colony for reference
  6. Dussumieri Tang Tang is approx 5-7 inch Main diet = pellet price = $250
  7. Thanks for all the interest. Item sold. Thank you
  8. LED puck in superb condition. Non obligation viewing avail, just PM me to arrange.
  9. Tang is approx 5-7 inch Main diet = pellet price = $300 PM if keen
  10. Hi all decom one of my tank, selling my used maxspect razor 320w all comes with the upgraded wide angle lens $450 with free delivery Some slight comestic defect as below
  11. Looking for 1. Sohal Tang 2. Naso Tang Pm me if you have one for sale. cheers
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