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  1. Anyone selling the above at a reasonable price, pls let me know, thank you!
  2. Ups open for trade Clown reduced to $10
  3. Selling the following: Sunflower zoa-$25/frag Green prata-$270 Gold striped maroon-$15 Open for trades too
  4. Hi all, looking for t following corals pls PM me with pics if willing to sell or trade: Zoas: Watermelon Sakura sunrise Any other nice coloured zoa GSP(ultra green one) Open brain(orange or reddish ones) Any nice coloured hammers Thks for reading
  5. Upz, open for nego or trades too
  6. Hi all, selling Luminus bright green Yellowish prata about palm size-$280 Purple with green cynarina about palm size-$90
  7. Anyone have red sea pro, prefer to deal in t east the smaller 7kg one. Thks!
  8. Looking for green hammers with purple tips or any other nice colours at reasonable price. Thks!
  9. Other nice coloured large Goni will be good to
  10. Hi looking for large red goni or nice colour hammers, pls pm me thks
  11. Aorry for t bad pic, Better pic of it today
  12. moorish idol about palm size, feeding on pallets forzens and flakes! $40 Elegance $65 Open for trades for other lps too
  13. Looking for a feeding morish idol, pm me:)
  14. Selling the following Sparkeled bi colour hammer large at least 3 large heads and splitting-$100 Purple elegance with pink tips larger than hand size whrl fully opened-$65 Aussie frogspawn(wall) about palm size-$80 Tri colour cynarina about palm size-$50
  15. Have these 2 angels up for sale both feeding on pallets/flakes/shrimp(have veido if u need). Need to clear bio load. Regal about 5inch-$150 Coral beauty about 1.5inch-$18 Collection at tampines, cheers!:)
  16. Clearing some of my corals to make space 1. Yellowish/goldish hammers-$50 each about 5cm+/- 2.bicolour yuma(orange and green) larger 50c coin-$55 3.neon orange yuma about 20c coin-$35 each 4.light green bubble about 14cm-$50 5. Large Goni-greenish one about 14cm-$65(Have missing polyps but when expanded cannot tell) purple about 13cm-$120 6.prata can expand larger than palm size-$480
  17. open for trades especially other clams too
  18. Selling this 4 maxims clams slight smaller than palm size each $155 each
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