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  1. Thks for the compliments Jason. Btw, you got my name spelt WRONGLY!!! Lol. I'm glad the skimmer works like a charm for you as it always had for me. Like I said, since your skimmer placement is so near to the sump I would suggest you use a feeding pump around 1200l/hr for optimal skimmer performance. Remember, DO NOT close the air valve completely. Do read the manual when you're free, ya?
  2. Skimmer sold. This is the first time I did such massive sales. The amount of PMs I receive is tremendous. To all the reefers whom PM'ed me but did not receive any replies, I offer my apologies. I'll be clearing my tank in the coming weekend and probably start a new thread for finding a new owner for it. This thread is now closed.
  3. Aiyoh, the pictures i posted is causing a lot of misunderstanding. The pics are intended for people who wanted to know my BIOLOAD previously. The livestocks are already SOLD! Chiller sold to a nice gentleman. Skimmer is still available. FCFS, $450.
  4. A rather recent one. Less expensive corals, more expensive fishes. A caged PBT to minimise bickering with the AT.
  5. For the guys who asked about my bio load and whether the APF600 is able to cope or not, here's a few pictures of my tank in its heyday.
  6. Hi all, Tunze 6060 sold. Deltec APF600 is up for grabs again as the buyer pulled out. Pac Coo chiller is still available so far. Leftover pumps and fish food as free gift for any purchases.
  7. All live rocks sold. All live stocks sold. Left 6060 and chiller. For the benefit of those whom PM'ed me and enquired about the specs, here we go again; The Pac Coo chiller is 1/2 horse, copper coiled and used for around 1.5yrs. Last service was 6 mths ago. Still hooked up for demo purposes currently. If you wish to purchase I encourage you to come see it running yourself. Nothing to hide here.
  8. Rocks completely sold. Ready for immediate collection 1) Blue Tang $15 2) Blue Throat Trigger $15 3) Tunze 6060 (w/o magnetic holder) $100 Once the top 2 gone, the undermentioned ready for collection Equips 1) Pac Coo Chiller $250
  9. Disappeared from the forum for some time due to work commitments. I am now able to monitor this thread more actively. The following are still available Livestocks (caught and available for collection immediately) 1) Adult Chevron Tang $80 2) Blue Tang $15 3) Blue Throat Trigger $15 Equips 1) Pac Coo Chiller $250 2) Deltec APF 600 $450 3) Tunze 6060 (w/o magnetic holder) $120 The tonga-like foundation pieces of my live rocks are still available and some still come with naturally propagated mushrooms and stuff. Except one beautiful tonga base rock going at $40 for the whole piece, the rest are going at $3 per kg. Depending on the quantity purchased, I'll "round-down" accordingly. Bumpz.
  10. To the other brothers who enquired about the salt, misc pumps and aquaz carbon, I had not sort out the list yet. Pls bear with me and I'll get back to you asap.
  11. Achilles Tang (3 inches, > 1.5 years) $100. Sold Clown Tang (4-5 inches, been keeping this since day 1) $30. Sold Blue Tang (4-5 inches, been keeping this since day 1) $15. Awaiting confirmation Chevron Tang (3-4 inch, > 2 years) $80 Carribean Royal Gramma (> 2yr old) $30. Sold Purple Tilefish (> 2yr old) $25. Sold Male Blue Throat Trigger (> 1yr old) $20. Sold Leondrites (yellow stripes) $15 (I can't find it now!!!) Boxer shrimp (resident bristleworm killer) $5 Abalone $10 Sand dollar x 3, $10 for all 3 Sold Blue leg hermit, $8. Sold Equipment: 1) Deltec APF600, used ~ 2 yrs, $450 (first owner) Waiting for buyer to view 2) Aquamedic denitrator NR1000 with dosing pump, used ~ 1.5yr, $400 (first owner) Sold. 3) Tunze 6060, used ~ 1yrs, $120 (first owner) Awaiting confirmation 4) DE Lightings 4xT5, ATI tubes, $100 (reflector clips had chipped. you need to replace them. Used for 2 yrs. First owner) RESERVED. 5) Pac Coo 1/2HP chiller, used for 1.5 yrs, $250 (last servicing 6 mths ago, second owner) Waiting for buyer to view 6) RM FR, $70. Sold 7) MD-55, $5. RESERVED 8) Various ATman powerheads 2000l/hr, $5 each 9) Aquaz Carbon, 4.5kg, $20 (only used once!) 10) Marine salt
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