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  1. selling my arctica 1/10 used for 2yrs...in perfect condition..rated for up to 490litres...titanium coil..performed as good as a new chiller...still using at the moment for my 180litres..selling $280 viewing possible...please pm
  2. giving away nigger trigger..with me 6mths ..eats everything i feed...been reef safe so far...never touch corals or inverts...collection 761513
  3. hi..looking for purple gorgonian preferably large frag or colony..pm 88339962 thanks
  4. selling eshopps 120s skimmer 4th gen in good condition...$220
  5. letting go 2x2x1 ft lagoon tank all side crystal glass 10mm base 12mm in good condition 10mths old ...only tank $80...watsapp 88339962
  6. thanks for all the reply..found cheato oriedi
  7. looking to buy cheato preferably in the north..north east area...pls pm if any to sell..thanks
  8. got a 2 x 2 x 1 feet 4 side crystal glass tank
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