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  1. used for 4 mths local stock selling $110 in excellent condition.. pls pm
  2. used aquatic life rodi 7mths old estimate used 600litres change $70 and a very good tub capacity 100 litres with detachable rollers $40 take both $100
  3. selling used 8mths tunze 3155 in excellent condition.. bought from fresh n marine ..$100 pls pm
  4. have following items kessil a360x .. controller.. mounting.. all for $390 8 months old from fresh n marine pls pm
  5. eshopps 120 4th gen skimmer about 9mths usage $90 marinepure bio blocks 8x8 n 2kg marine pure bio ball for $60(still in water) any interest pls pm
  6. too many pm coming in.. fishers reserved for kenjitan.. thanks all
  7. 1 clark clownfish, 1 blue tang, 1 rusty angelfish.. all about 1-1.5 inches to give away.. eating pellet . been with me for 8mths to 1yrs.. collection next week wed onward.. interested pm
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