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  1. interested in clown, collect today after work. already PM-ed u
  2. Hi, do u have any left overs? Need some to help in tank cycling Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  3. Have 2 sets of the Hydra 26HD RFS: downgraded tank size so required only 1 set Set 1 - $300 (all light spectrums working) Set 2 - $220 (green leds not working, all other spectrums working) no other known issues, last tested 1 Jul 2022 for 3 days via settings on AI app.
  4. selling the above. About 2 years plus. still in excellent condition. RFS decommissioning extra tank since now the last remaining inhabitant has passed away Asking for $200, slight negotiable if able to deal fast. but no low ballers pls Pick up tampines. Interested parties WA 81886690
  5. Letting go of the below Green Candy Cane 1. 3 heads @ $25 2. about 12 heads @ $50 Both pics taken under blue light with DD lens. WA me at 81886690 if u need more pics Pick up at tampines west area
  6. item 5 reserved. Upzz for all the rest.
  7. Letting go of this chiller. Last serviced at Bioplast. If u want to bring again for servicing (ie. calibration) it would cost between $50-$80. Asking for $200. non negotiable as the item is in good working condition. WhatsApp me at 81886690 for faster response. pick up at tampines west area
  8. decommissioning tank got the below corals to let go. 1. Yumas @ $50 - lumi green, opened to about 10cm wide, got a small baby beside. this is on a small piece of rock 2. Yumas @ $50 - single colored orange. counted at least 7 on a single rock 3. Duncans @ $25- 2 big heads n 1 small baby head at the side 4. fox coral @ $30 - size about 15cm 5. ultra acan @ $30 - lumi green. about 5cm x 2cm frag. 5 heads 6. acan @ $40- green. about 5cm x 2cm frag. at least 7 heads 7. war corals favites @ $30 - green. about 5cm x 5cm frag 8. blastos @ $ 120 - red rimmed, lumi green. counted 14 heads minimum. On a big piece of rock all pics taken under white blue n blue only with DD lens filter. WhatsApp me at 81886690 for faster response. pick up at tampines west area
  9. Clearing space for other colored hammers "M" shaped Golden Wall Hammer coral End to End length is about 15cm 1st pic taken under white light 2nd and 3rd pic take under blue light with 15K DD filter lens 4th pic taken under blue light without filter lens Asking for SGD120 (slight negotiable) Interested parties, pls WA 8188 6690 TIA
  10. both corals tentatively reserved for dealing tonight. thank you all for the interest
  11. Clearing space... 7 heads Duncans @ $60 Red Blasto with lumi mouth and some speck of yellow on rim (sorry, dunno how to describe) @ $50 - counted at least 6 mouths/heads Interested parties, pls PM. Collection is at Tampines West area
  12. Hi, has anyone seen the above vit supplement in any of the LFS? I ordered one from FnM but its taking too long to reach.
  13. both hammers reserved and pending for collection. Thank you!
  14. 2 pieces to let go Left piece - about 9cm @ $50 Right piece about 8cm @ $40 Side view taken under blue light without filter Top views taken under same light with DD lens filter Interested parties, pls WA at 8188 6690. Collection is at Tampines West area
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