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  1. Don't seem to be able to upload any more pictures recently. My files are 3Mb size but keep getting "error 500 upload skipped" when I try to attach them. Any idea how to rectify this?
  2. Super setup. I will be getting Hydra 52 with the Director as well. Able to share your lighting configuration with me?
  3. Hi everyone, Have got a new house and with it came a new tank. Its a 915mm x 700mm x 610mm (12mm thick) by Vincent. Still waiting for the rest of the barang barang to come. So I thought of starting whatever I have now.
  4. Wow... all those fishes that I am looking for are all available at LCK.
  5. Thanks for sharing. Touch wood so far the shrimp is still alive after I move the powerhead higher to agitate the water surface.
  6. Bought a cleaner shrimp. Shall see if it survies
  7. I ever walked in and it was though I was in a road march. However they always have nice stocks just that I do not have nice stamina. However cannot wait to see what they will be bringing in. If really good, I might walk in or book a cab in or rent a car in.
  8. Thanks for the tip. Just to let you know that there was only 3 of us at Irwana during that time. Anyway I do not blame anyone just feel suay
  9. Anywhere beside LCK has royal gramma? Braved the rain n spent 1.5hrs travelling to Irwana and they got nothing. No black cap, no black ocellaris no nothing. Do not know what happen but Auntie did not really want to entertain me so i left that place empty handed. Treated it as a morning stroll. I guess this is be my last trip to that area.
  10. Sure. Thanks for the offer. Will ask from you if I need
  11. Hi, Interesting. Really thank you for the tip, never thought of this. Will move my MP10 higher
  12. Thank bro for your suggestion. I have cycled the tank for 3 months before anything went in
  13. Thanks for the input. Will heed your advise. For the time being, I am going to concentrate on the SPS. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions
  14. Hi, Thanks for your valueable input. The Birdnests are infact growing so are all the rest of the corals like zoas, golend cloves, mushies and etc. There are still about 3 snails in there thus I really do not know what is happening inside the tank. The water has been clear all this while and I have also added active carbon since the first group of deaths but the death toll still going up. This is a big mystery to me as I have never encountered this before. Will get a digital refractor meter soon. By the way, I change water twice a week at 10% mid week and 25% on weekends using bottled d
  15. Correct me if I am wrong but I thought it is the opposite. I thought livestock will only die if it is too salty
  16. What type of digital ones you guys using? The one from Madpetz?
  17. Thanks Bro. Will replace the refractor meter and see how
  18. BTW my is a NANO tank so very easy to find them. I am using Coralife Deep Six. So far I have lost 3 clowns - pair died peacefully with no injury ( pair with me for 3 years), 1 royal gramma - gills and mouth opened (abt 3 years with me), 2 Blue Neon gobies - peaceful death with no injury, 1 snail and 4 cleaner shrimps. Still got 3 snails in the tank. I am so disheartened that I dare not put any more livestock in. Do you suspect the refractometer is faulty? Been using it for like 6 years now. Should I go digital? I seiously do not know what is going on with my tank. All these deaths occur on
  19. Hi, Yes running Bio-pellet Yes acclimate them I suspect is the Bio-pellet because I do not have such issues with my old tank. All my old fishes and new fishes died after transferring to the new tank. It really puzzles me as to what is causing these deaths. I have tested the water. NO3 and PO4 are 0
  20. Hi everyone, I have been trying to add fishes after all of them died but with no success and this include shrimps as well. The SPS and snails are doing fine but not other live stocks. I have checked water parameters and everything seems to be in place. Most fishes and shrimps last not more that 4 days. Need some advise on this.
  21. Really appreciate all the inputs. I will try my best but being a newbie in SPS and somemore in a NANO tank. Will monitor the parameters very closely and hope that Belle's lovely frags don't go to waste
  22. Sorry. Wrong comment. My KH is about 8 and Calcium level is abt 300. Planning to increase the KH level slightly high but will do slowly
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