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  1. Fish collected by nice gentleman.. thanks for all your pm!
  2. Hi, Currently i am giving up this hobby. Going to give away 1) A 3bars stripes damsel 2) Warse( yellow/pink colour) 3) Maroon Clown 4) Normal Clown Appreciate if you can self collect at my place by this week, staying at tampines. Can leave me a msg in my mailbox, thanks!
  3. Hailea HL-080CHW tank is nanocube 24g... is it no more gas inside??
  4. hi guys, my chiller is very weak... cannot go down to 26degree now... stuck at 29degree... where can i go service? or top up gas? can anyone help me???? where to go for servicing? and price is how much?
  5. any update on the skimmer? i am using same as yours... btw, what lighting are u using? mine is PL nano 24g type.. isit the same? seem like yours is much brighter alot...
  6. where do u normally buy your corals from? nice colours
  7. i am still looking for a school to go diving.. any package u guys know which u can recommend? which island can i choose for my virgin trip? anyone pls?
  8. Wont crash the system? you're talking about commercial marine salt right?
  9. i just switched to LFS Sea water now for about 2mths. However i realize that the sanity level is very low, how do i boast up the sanity? I hear from so many reefers that i cannot mix commercial salt into sea water, it will crash the whole system. Please advise, thanks!
  10. Address: sushi one, 23 ashley road, tsim sha tsui, kowloon, hong kong They have a youtube showing at this place. take a look: and also
  11. ahbeng shop is lot 35 pasir ris that one right? inside the place have 2 marine shops, one is aunty with very little stuffs in there.. the other is ahbeng.. selling sharks, with a very big display tank there one right? How come i never see any sea horse one..
  12. i am using resun sk-05, skimming ok lei for my nano 24g tank... quite alot of residue... have to clean everyday ...
  13. how much you paid for the tank? 24gallon right? Anyone know of any JBL nano 24gallon tank same fate as this case before? i am using JBL nano 24g, curious here....
  14. i saw it!!!! i was in hk last week... very very very long big tank... lots of stuffs inside going on.. ppl dinning and fishes are swimming... lol
  15. I am keen to join scuba diving.. do ppl go alone to join diving ? Abit shy.. any kahkis here want to go diving with newbie like me?
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