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  1. I have jumper fish and 1 jump out and became dried salted fish.. so want to diy a cover. Using popular book store $3 black plastic board. Some random golden mesh found in store.. cant find black netting so anything works.. cut to size and silicone the pieces together. The inner groove fits the inner tank nicely.
  2. Got a thumb size paly to give. 6heads Collection at s210052
  3. Have handful of chaeto to give. Pm me. Collect s210052
  4. $60 take it.. or trade with corals. I dont want the rocks I WANT CORALS!!! WAHAHA Acans 3-4heads Sps colony Zoas colony Gsp big colony
  5. $60 take all. Or can change with zoas / beginner sps colony
  6. All for $80 4main structure rock Bunch of misc rockl Collection at s210052
  7. thanks bro.. its actually just a green hair algae stuck on the mouth. use a pippette suck out easily.. u are right.
  8. Should i like use a tweezer and pluck the stringy thing out?
  9. Recently realise the palythoa has like string coming out of its mouth.. looks like filament or some sort or net or poops.. Only this particular piece have this. The rest do not. Its coming out of the mouth and not the sides of the skin.. Anyone knows what is it? Thanks a lot.
  10. Got a pair of camel shrimp to give away. Collection s210052
  11. Not intentionally reviving old post. I just recently bleached bubble algae.. It turned total transparent and it like a kojac jelly. Bouncy and firm. Very cool
  12. Zoas can survive fresh water?? Wow. When i see a aiptasia, i use super glue to glue down on them. So they die on suffocation and stop spreading. If i get aiptasia again. I will try fresh water method.
  13. Im a new reefer and was sold camel shrimp as a peppermint shrimp. Seller says its a peppermint shrimp, i googled and looks identical. Then other reefers advised me that its a camel shrimp and not reef safe. New reefer please double check before buying, dont repeat same mistake as me.
  14. Using a exiting fresh water tank. 45*30*40(h) tank with canister filter. Surface skimmer cheap sun sun brand. Spectra Aqua Knight. Simple rock stack and just put soza plug on the rock for the time being. Wanted to do. Get a hang on back protein skimmer. Rebuild the rocks and refrag the zoas nicely. Or should i just upgrade to 60*40 over flow tank with sump ?
  15. I have tried previously to calculate the material to build a hand on back over flow box and youtube on piping to do the overflow system, i think it better to just but a new over flow tank. Now adays over flow tank from tank maker is quite cheap
  16. Wow.. just make a bigger set.. make as a back drop zoas
  17. Looks like a good fix for many things . But will the abs degrade overtime or being consumed by algae encrustment ?
  18. I am also going to change from a normal tank + canister to a over flow sump tank. The reason im doing it because of the extra filtration and skimmer choice and also have the ability to do a refugium for chaeto and stuff..
  19. May i know if you use such diffusing method.. the light source will be minimize a little right?
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