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  1. WTS Nyos 160


    Do note that due to mishandling by previous user got frosting on the body and silencer. However I’ve been using this for 1 year and does not affect the performance. Secondly skim collection cup below knob changed due to previous one missing.


    Washed and clean , will run in front of you before collection.


    Not for fussy buyers . Selling very cheap $150 (no Nego)

    RFS : Upgrading !

    Location : Punggol



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  2. Hello ,


    I’m looking to sell away my PT , roughly palm size and eat almost anything!! Kept it in nano and now all the way to current tank 4yrs and looking to relocate him since I wanna try other tangs such as redsea Sailfin.

    Price : 150

    Location : Punggol Field

    Still in DT, PM me for video !!


    Thank you



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