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  1. Clearing extra equipment


    I bought the chiller second from a planted Hobbyist.

    Used approximately 2years.

    External Temp probe


    I’m no chiller expert , but will run it for the buyer and show you that chiller cooling as per normal.


    RFS : decom old tank and no longer using


    Price : $120

    Location : Sengkang


    Good for small tank or QT. ( previously I used it for 25g lagoon tank )9ef34997fec5af3ab911e04f47996923.jpg

    (Testing out the condition on above picture)



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  2. Hi All


    WTS the items below


    1. Purple up (90%)

    2. Microbe lift Phosphate remover (90%)

    3. AF Nitraphos minus (90%)

    4. Reef roids 60g ( 1/4 )


    Everything for $30


    I have expired Nopox (09/21) full bottle , if interested can collect that together. If I haven’t thrown it away.



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