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  1. Oh Ok, I got bad success rate when doing QT my fish so I thought temp fluctuation is one of the killer. Maybe now I should look at other thing. I'll be very honest with you. I never QT my fishes at all. I know a lot of people recommend that. Some will even tell that you should QT a fish for like 1-2 months. It's just your preference. If you introduce 2-3 fishes together it won't be a problem. But make sure to research and get to know about that fish nature, aggressive type etc. Some fish like six line all can become territorial
  2. I guess the live stock selection must be those hardy type? Else temp fluctuation is one of the killer in tank. yup, my tank max can keep 2-3 fishes but i have 4 because im doing weekly water changes, checking my water parameters regularly etc. if you want to have a successful reef, you need to know all about the reef chemistry. That's very important. As for the corals for now, yes, I have hardy type and soft corals. For more advanced corals you need advanced light technique all.
  3. only for big tank you need chiller. this one inbuilt. tank water temp = 30
  4. Not in air con room either? nope its in my living room. i dont think anyone would keep a reef tank n their aircon room because it could affect the temperature.
  5. singapore temperature is fine no need to chill your tank. i dont use any cooling fan
  6. nop, no chiller/heater etc. it's all inbuilt. for nano tanks normally there won't be chiller all. it will be a all in one
  7. I dont have a separate sump setup. Its a AIO nano tank setup. Protein skimmer, filter section and then pump thats all
  8. @Leystan reserved the item till tomorrow afternoon. I will update this thread if anythign changes
  9. Hi guys I overstocked my 15G tank therefore giving away 2 of my fishes - Bicolor Dottyback and a Six Line Wrasse. Both very healthy. You guys have to come here and take them with you. Location : Serangoon , near NEX mall. If interested, send me a PM. Cheers Sam
  10. Hi guys, Sam here, recently only started this hobby. I have a 15G nano tank I love this hobby and learning a lot of things.
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