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  1. 1 pc only. Very large and fat polyp. $50.
  2. Update on remaining items: Last pc gold maul $35 Fresh salted agave $15 DC Vampire $25
  3. Yes you're right. Confused... As long got buttock...
  4. Adding on $15 single p. $20 for multi p. Purple monster Utter chaos Green apple candy Omega BBEB Jade Green Superman Rasta Blue hornet
  5. Remaining items: - Kamoer F4 Pro Wifi $150
  6. Hi all clearing zoas to make way for new frags. Prices are per frag. Location 103070. $10 for below: $15 for below: $20 for below: $25 for below: Shaped nicely like bonsai branch. $35 fof below: XL Gold Maul, Buttkisser
  7. Fire&Ice colony reserved. Remaining 2 avail.
  8. Fire&Ice $40 Fire&Ice and Red Hornet $50 Mix Zoas $100 Fire&Ice, Green Agave, Blue Agave, blonde blue eye, Eagle eye, tyree rasta, scramble egg, superman, captain jerk Location 103070
  9. Can refer to image. Isolation box as reference..
  10. Had him for 3 years already. Super fat. Selling to reduce bio. Location 103070. $25.
  11. Remaining items: - Maxpect XF230 1 pump + 1 controller $100 - Kamoer F4 Pro Wifi Set with free dosing container/tubes $200
  12. Looking to clear my clam to make space. Take all 7 for $600. Largest around 14cm Smallest around 6cm L squamosa L maxima M teardrop maxima M blue linear maxima M blue maxima M green crocea S blue crocea
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