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  1. Hey guys, I'm just looking around for (a couple?) of seahorses, depending on the price for my nano reef tank. You could drop me a text on telegram @daveyismeee. Thanks!:)
  2. Hi I'm interested! Whatsapped you alr.
  3. Hey guys, am looking for a clam for my 10 Gallon tank. PM/WhatsApp me if you guys have any. 868677onefour.
  4. Hi guys looking for GSP/Purple star polyps to cover the back wall of my IM10. Let me know if you guys are able to hook me up with some. Am a broke NS kid here so I hope it won't be too expensive. Am at 86867714, Dave.
  5. Hey guys, am looking to start a Goniopora garden. HMU if you've got small clusters of them. Am @868677onefour.
  6. Thanks for but I read it a little too late. I've got a torch and a hammer but they're polyps don't seem to be fully extended:')
  7. Hey guys, just wanted to check if it's normal for LPS to not extend their polyps when they're just newly added to the tank. Do WhatsApp me if you're able to help. Much appreciated!
  8. Hey guys looking for rose/red bubble tip anemones preferably not too small or big as my tank is a IM Nuvo 10. WhatsApp me @8686 sevenseven14, David here.
  9. Hey guys am looking for corals with long flowy polyps for my tank. WhatsApp me@8686 sevenseven14
  10. Hey guys I'm looking for corals that have long flowy polyps for my tank. WhatsApp me @8686 seven seven 14, David here.
  11. Hi guys I recently tried keeping a puffer(not sure of he's scientific name) but he has been munching on my zoas. Any ideas what puffers don't prey on corals?
  12. Hey guys I recently realised there have been alot of brown specs on my aquarium glass. Is it diatom algae? Any ideas on how to rid the tank of them?
  13. Hey guys any idea what are some recommended easy LPS to keep? I currently have a Duncan as well as a candy cane coral
  14. Hey guys I'm looking to start a zoa garden and need some recommendations as to which zoas are hardy, easy to care for and aren't pricey
  15. Hey guys any recommendations as to how many inhabitants I should keep? I've currently got a pair of clownfish and a mandarin goby that eats pellets (please do not flame me)
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