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  1. Open to trade as well. Spatulata / Smaller size bubble tip anemone / stylopora
  2. Bought today. Haven't put in my tank. 15cm to 17cm. Deal in North.
  3. Thank you to those who expressed interest. Currently reserved. Pending collection tomorrow. Will update status again tomorrow.
  4. Selling cos too big for my tank. Going for $80. First pic under blue light. (greenish) Second pic under blue light with orange lens. (yellowish)
  5. 1) Red sea Trace ABCD (brand new) Expiry :10/23 4 bottles of 100 ml each. Selling at $10. 2) Red sea AB+ (Brought over from China before released in SG so instructions are in Chinese.) Expiry: 02/22 250 ml (Brand new) - Selling at $10. 3) Vibrant (16oz / 473ml) - (>97% left - only dosed 12 ml in total) - Selling at $55. 4) Nyos Goldpod + Firstbite copepods (both stored in fridge - USED) Goldpods left 60% (Expiry 02/21) Firstbite left 80% (Expiry 05/22) Selling as a combo for $10. Please send me a pm if you are int
  6. I have one. More than 90% left. Going for $60.
  7. Up. You can use Mobius with this light. No need for reef link or cable.
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