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  1. Thanks to all of you who replied. My grateful thanks to all. My other fishes? I hv 1 foxface rabbitfish, 5 damsels & 1 baby blue tang. No corals. How are they doing? They seem ok except for blue tang. It doesnt seem to want to come out of the rock. It keeps hiding there. I did a PH/ KH test. If I did do everything correctly, the reading is 6.5. Nitrates are 50. So its rather high. I hv overfed the fish I think. But am now cutting back on that. Finally, I hv added the required dosage of Paraguard into the tank. 5 ml per 40L . Do I still need to quarantin
  2. This is what i did. They come in a plastic bag filled with oxygen. I waited an hour. Then drainned the water away. The water had copper to treat any parasites the new fish might have. Then i put them into the tank. I dont understand about quarantine. Please tell me how to. What is velvet? Thanks!
  3. Good morning all, Can anyone help me? I recently bought a powder black tang on 6th July from a marine shop but this morning it died. I treated it with ParaGuard. I followed the instructions carefully but it died about 20 minutes later. I will upload the picture of it. Can anyone tell me if its ich? Thanks! 1. What was the cause please? Was it already sick when I bought? Nitrates pink on the high side but am working towards a 10-15%change each week. KH/PH 6.5. Chiler on. Protein skimer working. I change the sponge everyday. 2. Is my tank safe if it was ich? Shld i add
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