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  1. Bump! No stains on the front. Just lighting angle etc. best price 90 sgd
  2. Bump! Also selling an acrylic extension that fits this tank!
  3. Preloved Dimensions provided in photo (mm) 610 mm (length) x 460 mm (width) x 465 mm (height) - this is the total tank dimension the iOS (sump) dimension - pls refer to photo ☺️ tank has been scrubbed down The back iOS portion is still a little dusty from photos. Can be washed off. The blank acrylic sheet has been pasted on the back to prevent the back sump from being seen. You are free to have it replaced with a brand new one. no defects with the tank. No chip offs etc Used for 6-8 months selling as I’ve decommissioned my 2 feet. Self pick up at my block in woodlands only please arrange for own transport. A single individual will be able to lug this tank. I will also do my due diligence to newspaper wrap the base and sides to prevent breakage etc during transportation at your end. selling price: 100 sgd (fixed) Tele at @mmdlxee
  4. price lowered to 8 SGD. Just wish to clear. good to power a 2 feet tank.
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