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  1. Left with the multi branchess at 10 each.
  2. Hi, have one more colony and some small frags for sale. Colony 30 2 multi branch at 15 each. Pm me if interested. Collection at Sembawang :). Thanks.
  3. Hi, wts two forest fire colony. 30 each. Collection at Sembawang. Thank you.
  4. Upsy, growing day by day.
  5. Upsy, has been on frag rack very nong since small frag :(.
  6. Hihi, Mini Colony (Left n Right) - 22 each Small branches (Middle) - 10 Collection at Sembawang. Pm me if interested thanks.
  7. Upss, left with forest fire. Have been growing well.
  8. Hello, upssy. I want to clear the frag rack .
  9. Hi, still have forest fire and purple digitata for sale. Multi branch forest fire 15 and purple digitata 20. Collection at sbw. Thank you :).
  10. Soldd le, thank you for the interest!
  11. Hi all, thank you for all the pms. Too many pms, sorry if I didnt reply. I decided to let go the colony at 150. The colony are encursted together so selling as whole. Pm if interested. Thankss.
  12. Hi, anyone interested in this zoas colony. Selling cos due to lack of space. Think got at least 30 plus Utter Chaos Polyp and 40 plus rasta Polyp. They are encrusted to two small frag plug and sand. Not sure how much it worth, pm me ur best price if interested. Thankss.
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