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  1. I see though I never see much increase in phos as compared to reef roids. I not sure if it helps in terms in growth either. I usually dose lesser than reccomended amount. I will probably try a "pure" amino acids product next. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I don't think we can get any sodium nitrate and potassium nitrate in singapore anymore. When I search online, only policegov and customsgov come up. Hahaha. If I cut down the photoperiod, my phos will probably goes up. Same for mechnical filtration. I don't run any skimmer, only refugium, biomedia, some phosguard and a little carbon. I do agree on this. I dose red sea ab almost everyday but overdosing seems to have a negative effect. I not sure why but I can tell corals are not so happy. I end up using phosguard to further reduce my phos a
  3. Hi Guys, How do I increase nitrate without increasing phosphate? I can't seems to find any products on market in Singapore. It's seems to be banned due to ingredients used. I know brightwell has this product neonitro but I dont see any store selling it. My nitrates are bottoming out due to running only refugium as compared to phosphate. Any ideas?
  4. I bought those premade tank with cabinet. Nepunian Cube M150 from deaquatics. It has yet to arrive.
  5. I got the smaller size sea hare and he didnt make it after 1 week plus :(. Not sure if he is stave to death or poor acclimation, getting smaller day by day. I got two tuxedo urchins, they seems to helping a little. I ended up brushing off all the algae and removing them.
  6. Thanks for the advices. Think my sump is too small to fit in the new rocks and they will only arrive along with the new tank. Think no choice to transfer everything into the new tank at one go.
  7. Hi Guys, I'm going to upgrade my tank from a 50 gallon to a 110 gallon. Any advice on transferring my livestocks to the new tank? I will be using old rocks plus new rocks and new sand. Do I need to cycle the new rocks and sand? If I transfer all the livestocks without cycling new rock and sand, will there be any issue? I have some maxspect biosphere in my current sump as well. Are the old rocks and biosphere enough to support the biological filtration? Thanks.
  8. Hi Guys, Can help me ID this algae. I not sure if this ia hair algae or a kind of turf algae? My seahare doesn't really touch them :(.
  9. Izwei


    Hi, still looking for pink/red goniopora and nice torch corals.
  10. Hi All, Anyone has 4 bulb t5 hybrid fixture with led or 6 bulb t5 fixture to let go.
  11. Thankss for the advice.
  12. Izwei


    WTB red/pink goniopora, waltz disney, miyagi tort, pearlberry frags! Pm mee
  13. Hi refeers, Anyone got any recommendation for a good T5 fixtures? The price and where to get?
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