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  1. Ello reefers, looking for the above sps :). Thank you.
  2. Hi, still have frags for sale. Many have grown quite a bit.
  3. End up, the plan changed. I didn't shift everything on the same day. I shift my old tank aside and run the new tank concurrently. About a month then I shift everything over. But it shouldn't be a problem even if you transfer everything in a day if you are reusing rocks from the previous tank. The only problem is that it will be quite a bit of work, depending on how big is your previous setup is, you need to have enough containers to hold the livestocks for a few hours (temperature can be a concern) while you prep for the new tank. You will need time to setup the new tank, prepare the water and aquascape etc. If you can hire someone professional to do it will be good or best run both tanks concurrently den slowly transfer over. The another issue is whether you will be reusing the sand from the old tank if you have sand or planning to have sand in a new tank. I dont really recommend reusing the sand from the previous setup, as when I scoop out the sand from the old tank, it is full of detritus and bristleworms. Unless you can wash them really clean. I used new sand instead and prefer to wash them with ro water before using to avoid any unnecessary aglae or mini cycle. If you are adding new dry rocks, I feel it is better to cycle them in a bucket in advance and dose bacteria etc or like what other reefers mentioned, put them in your sump. It helps to establish your new tank faster and avoid any unwanted algae. After running the new tank for about six months, through these period, I have algae blooms on the new dry rocks but not the old rocks. Now, it starts to settle down already and coraline algae is slowly taking over. No matter what, the new tank will still take some time to settle down and establish but probably not as bad as a brand new tank. If you are reusing the rocks and biomedia from the previous tank, the biofiltration is there. You can just dose some bacteria to help seed the new sand and rocks. The bacteria population is dependent on the bioload. These are some of things I encounter. I'm not an expert. More reefers can help to chip in and correct me if I'm wrong :).
  4. Hi guys, Letting go some spare frags. Mini colony 30 Multi branch 20 Small Branches 10 Openn to tradee too. Pm me for more info. Collection at sembawang. Thankss.
  5. Hi Reefers, Looking for some nice sps (Pikachu, Rainbow blossom and etc). Not looking for monti digitas. Prefer to collect around sbw area. Pm me. Thankss.
  6. I never hit so high phos before, any idea how your phos and nitrate got so high? Maybe can try the seachem flourish nitrogen by dosing small amount slowly. Can search other forum see how they dose. Phos drop too fast also quite scary, I got corals rtn if the phos swing too fast.
  7. Not really, but it helps in terms colour and growth if your tank lack of nutrients. You will need to dose a lot in order to see an increase in nitrate. But over dosing amino acids may encourage other bacteria/bad bacteria to grow and also cause cyano. You will have to monitor when dosing. You will have to see your phosphate level as well and if there is a lot of algae growth in your tank to decide how much to dose. I still struggle with zero nitrate, some suggest dosing seachem flourish nitrogen but I have yet try it. I just started using AF build, food, vitality and amino mix, still monitoring but there is an increase in growth and colour as well. It depends what you trying to acheive for your tank cos every tank may react differently.
  8. Tbh, I never really thought that salinity difference will have a huge impact on corals when comes to acclimiating them. I uses a digital meter from hanna to test for salinity. Both my tanks are siting on 1.025, yep the target you said. One of the lfs mentioned to me, if you keep your tank temperature at higher level, your salinity should be a little lower, etc 26 to 27 degree, salinity should be around 1.024. Not sure if it's true, so I set mine at 1.025, temp around 25.3 to 26. Even if I uses a refractometer, I uses calibration solution to calibrate instead of using ro water. But yeah, what you have said was so true about refractometers and this is something to look out for. I never thought of measuring the salinity in bag for corals, I only do it for fishes and invertebrates. I may take note next time to minimal the impact. Most of the times, I just temp acclimate, dip, put and it opens up within a few hours. I bought another torch from the same lfs with no issue either. It opens up fully within a few hours. It may be just this type of torch are more sensitive. But there are many underlying reasons, probably I will never get the answer why. Oh I didn't know about this, that Flash sale or auction pieces are usually newly fragged. I guess this something to consider when buying. But I guess not all lfs will do the same, maybe this is something to clarify with the lfs before buying. But nonetheless, the are many factors. In my opinion, I feel sometimes just suay. Corals also will die in ocean. Thanks for the advice .
  9. Haha, inspect to the last drop . Ya siah, so true, sometimes see corals excited alr, impulse buy, see nice buy liao no need to think. Go home den regret, go one corner and draw circles. I also had some bad experience with fish. Back then still don't know what to look out for when buying. So I guess it's the same for anything, you must know what to inspect for before buying just like all the points thst you have mentioned. Sometimes, you just have to learn from bad experiences.
  10. Hi, you are right, it may due to the tank is realtively new. Though the tank has detectable nitrates and phos, salinity wise also stable. But the fact that it started receding within hours and got worst overnight. And I shifted it to more established tank next morning, which may also make things worst. It didn't stop receding and probably a goner in day 4. It's a single head torch that spliting into 3 heads, so each day from one head spread to another head. But my thought was that it shouldn't rtn that fast consider the tank parameters are in range. If it's due to not enough nutrients, it should take quite a while to die if it's a healthy coral. Well, It could be very well be the new tank problem, biologically not that established and maybe others things in the tank. Yep, I'm still working on the new tank and waiting for it to be more established. Not gonna put any more corals till then. Thanks for the advice. No leh, I also thought was brown jelly disease. Dont have any jelly. It reacts more like sps rtn, tissue slowly die off and fly off..
  11. Thanks for the reply and encouragement. It really lightens my mood. I was thinking the same thing too, if lfs does refund/exchange for everyone, someone bound to abuse it. Though I sort of think that it's common but was probably upset becos of no response and there after a photo. It could mean something or not. I don't know. I understand that this hobby, there won't be a guarantee thing. There are many underlying factors, sometimes one just gone for no reasons and others nothing happen at all. It's like in a batch of apples, there's always a bad apple. It may also my fault that I have done something wrong in the process due to inexperience. And you're so right about inspecting and qcs. This is something to learn for me. I should be more particular on checking before purchasing, just like buying anything . I just feel paiseh to stare at the corals in front shop owner. Need to be more thick skin. Probably a lesson for people like me, remember to inspect the corals before purchasing. I doubt anyone will be so dumb. Thanks for the comment.
  12. Hi Guys, I have a question regards to buying corals. Just recently, I bought one torch coral from one lfs. I put in my new tank to try. The tank has surving sps, digita for a few weeks. No ammonia, detectable nitrate though alk is abit low 6.8 - 7. I put in on sand with a little flow for it to aclimate. But during the night, I notice there is a little receding on the side. I thought maybe, it was injured a little on the way home. The next morning, I notice is not doing well and quickly move to my another established tank. Usually, for my case new lps will opens up in a few hours. But the receding never stop, just 3 days is almost gone. When I collected the coral, I didn't really have the chance to see the coral condition as I purchase online. The lfs just go in take and pack. I didn't really check when I reach home either, I am not expert so I can't tell either. I just temp alcim, dip and put in. I only notice when it's in tank. It is probably my fault for not checking before collecting. I trusted the lfs that they won't sell me a coral that is in bad condition. I contacted the lfs on day 3, but the lfs didn't even bother reply. I didn't ask for refund or anything, perhaps hoping he can give me some advice. But nonethless, nothing. All I saw was the lfs post an tank showing all his beautiful torches. I not gonna lie, I felt really upset and uncomfortable, which make my whole purchasing experience really awful. It may be my fault to put it in a newer tank. But still.. What do you guys do when you encounter new corals dying? Do lfs in Singapore provide refund/replacement if there's any issue with the new corals? As I'm still quite new. I believe most of lfs don't. I encounter one lfs does but must within a time frame. What do you guys think? Thanks.
  13. Just a small update, thanks for the comments. I recently tried using acropower. My corals colours have improved, there is a slight reduction in phosphate levels though my nitrates are still undetectable. There also improved in growth but at the same time increase in algae which drove my phosphate lower due to available nitrates. It probably take some time for the phos to bottom out. Felt like I found a cure. I believe this will only work for tank that looking to increase nitrate and has undetectable nitrates and detectable phosphate.
  14. I see though I never see much increase in phos as compared to reef roids. I not sure if it helps in terms in growth either. I usually dose lesser than reccomended amount. I will probably try a "pure" amino acids product next. Thanks.
  15. Thanks for the advice. I don't think we can get any sodium nitrate and potassium nitrate in singapore anymore. When I search online, only policegov and customsgov come up. Hahaha. If I cut down the photoperiod, my phos will probably goes up. Same for mechnical filtration. I don't run any skimmer, only refugium, biomedia, some phosguard and a little carbon. I do agree on this. I dose red sea ab almost everyday but overdosing seems to have a negative effect. I not sure why but I can tell corals are not so happy. I end up using phosguard to further reduce my phos and feed more coral food and fish food.
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