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  1. Izwei


    Hi, still looking for pink/red goniopora and nice torch corals.
  2. Hi All, Anyone has 4 bulb t5 hybrid fixture with led or 6 bulb t5 fixture to let go.
  3. Thankss for the advice.
  4. Izwei


    WTB red/pink goniopora, waltz disney, miyagi tort, pearlberry frags! Pm mee
  5. Hi refeers, Anyone got any recommendation for a good T5 fixtures? The price and where to get?
  6. Izwei


    Upzz, prefer somewhere near sembawang.
  7. Izwei

    WTB Chaeto

    Hi Reefers, WTB chaetoo, hopefully somewhere near sembawang.
  8. I think the first one was amphipod, but second pic not sure. Too small, too hard to take. But they hanging around an dead head of my branch hammer. I didn't noticed there's a dead head when I buy T.T. I did dip them with coral dip though.
  9. Hi Reefers, Can you help me identify what bug is this?
  10. Hi Reeferss, Anyone has experience with eshopp pf 800 overflow box. I tried to fit a 32 mm pipe into the one inch bulkhead, but it doesn't fit perfectly. It is a bit loose. Anyone know how to connect them?
  11. Izwei


    Hi All, Would like to buy some SPS/LPS frags. Collection: Prefer somewhere near sembawang. Feel free to pm me.
  12. Hi Reeferss, Any idea where can I custom make a sump tank of 70 cm x 30 cm x 40 at a affordable price? And roughly how much will it be?
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