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  1. Hi All, Anyone had a RBTA for sale near Sembwang? Thankss.
  2. Hi, thanks for the replies. I suspect is my blue tang. Hes getting too big, getting more agressive as he grow. Out growing the tank alr.
  3. Hi all, My captive bred yellow tang suddenly died out of nowhere while I'm away today. I found it on the sand bed. All my other fishes are fine. I couldn't figure out why, I had the fish for more than 1 and half year. No new additions recently also. It is also quite plump, dun have any obvious physcial damage as well ick. I can show the photo if need to. Think not good to post in the forum. I do have a another bigger blue hippo tang, he will pick on it once in a while but not super agressive as I dont see any obvious fight marks. Any possible reasons? Thanks guys.
  4. Still available, :/ pink cap 3 small for 5. I have too many. Big green monti cap still available.
  5. Still have some monti cap for sale. Small piece 2 for 5. Big piece 15 each.
  6. Stilll lookingg. Thanks.
  7. Ello, looking for red dragon, gold dragon and yellow dragon frags.
  8. Ello, all 3 for 45, rainbow encrusting monti, radioactive birdnest and pink stylophora.
  9. Ups for rainbow monti and radio active birdnest, still have pink stylo as well. 20 each.
  10. Left rainbow monti, green birdnest ane green monti.
  11. Hi All, Some easy sps for sale. Green monti cap 5. Rainbow encrusting monti 20. Pink stylophora 20. Radio active birdnest 25. Pink monti I think cap 5. Collection sbw. Thanks.
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