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  1. Selling my anemone as its getting too big for my tank. Very healthy. Roughly palm size. Orange and green anemone. Non splitting species. Letting go at $60.
  2. In great working condition. Ive cleaned out the pump and pin wheel. Selling it at $180.
  3. Hi Reefers, Im selling my spare Caribsea life rocks that were barely used. - Total of 6 pieces. Slightly more than 17KGs in total. - Mix of Arcs, Tunnels and Ring shapes. - Slight nego if taking all. Looking to clear all for $230. You can roughly check the dimensions here https://www.freshnmarine.com/products/caribsea-life-rock-shapes?variant=18330717257824
  4. Hey reefers upsizing my tank therefore im selling off my current set up. ill post the items first followed by some photo. Everything is well taken care off and regularly maintained. 1X IM 25 lagoon with cabinet (cabinet has front and back vent so having chiller inside wont be an issue) 1x Top Mesh for 25G lagoon 1x IM Ghost skimmer 2x IM Caddy basket 1x Return pump 3x Caribsea live rock (as seen in the photo) Theres also 1 packet worth of caribsea special grade sand if you want it for free. Everything above for $600 Also selling separately 1X MP10 QD - $250
  5. let me know if you're letting go of this. Keen to get it :)
  6. Hi reefers let me kmow if you're selling your MP40s, looking to get them. Thanks!
  7. Hello reefers, I'm selling my aussie warpaint scoly. Great form and nice paint splatter pattern. ~5cm size. $280 or open to trade Photos taken under actinic light.
  8. Selling this Xenia frag at $10.
  9. Hey let me know if u have any Berghia nudibranchs to spare as I'm having aiptasia issue. Thanks!!
  10. Reducing bioload so giving away a mid size azure damsel
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