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  1. I’ve been using red sea salts from day 1 for my red sea max nano tank. I finished off a 22kg bucket of the coral pro salt and then switched to blue bucket salt and I’ve been using it for more than 1 year now. I started my tank as a LPS reef tank 2 years ago, I was very happy to use the pro salt. As a beginner, I didn’t use a dosing pump. Thanks to pro salt’s elevated level of foundation elements and high alkalinity, with 10% water change every week, I was able to keep up the parameters and my LPS love it. I can easily manage my tank without a dosing pump back then. After the first year, my tank was mature and I decided to put some SPS. With the increasing numbers of SPS, I found out that I can’t keep up the parameters just changing water every week. I started to use a dosing pump and I decided to drop my alkalinity level from 12 to 8 for the mix reef system. That’s when I switched from red sea pro purple bucket to red sea salt blue bucket. I have to say that I am impressed by the quality control of Red Sea. My test result always matches https://www.redseafish.com/my-batch/ results. The salt is easy to dissolve and mix. My sps are showing great growth. I am very happy with the salts.
  2. Hope everyone is safe and enjoying your tank at home. I've put a lot SPS frags into my tank a while ago, so I had to add a dosing pump to keep up with the KH. I am dosing 4.0ml Ca, 10.2ml KH, 3.0ml Mg and 1.5ml Reef energy A&B daily. Like always, I perfer Red Sea products for the quality and customer service. Every Saturday, before the water change, I will test the perimeters to adjust the dosing pump. As you can see, PO4 is around 0.03ppm, KH is 8.4, Ca is 450, Mg is 1400. Comparing to last week's result, my Mg is quite high now. I wish to reduce it to 1380. The total water volume of my system is 75L(Exculding sand, rock, inculding Chaeto reactor). 0.75ml of foundation C will increase my by 1. I wish to drop it by 20 in a week so 0.75ml*20/7 days, I will need to drop my dosing by 2.14ml per day. Here are some photos of my tank. The blue digi is growing very fast, that's about 3 weeks' growth. I am using the old formula reef energy A&B because we couldn't get the new one in Australia now.
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