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  1. thanks for the offer will let you know in the future
  2. Hi everyone, looking for leathers of any kind and kenya tree corals. Thanks !
  3. Anyone letting go of hammers? Preferably just 1 head. Thanks !
  4. Hi everyone! I am looking for anyone who is selling hammers or frogspawns. any LPS that can add movement to the tank. Thanks !
  5. Hi everyone I would love to purchase a cyphastrea to encrust my rock. Will they be ok in high flow?
  6. I don't think you need to worry about it affecting health, but if you put a freshly cut piece in the tank it will release chemicals in your system. Just run carbon and I think you should be fine. I read papers about how leather coral chemicals released (as a defence mechanism) can limit stony coral growth.
  7. If anyone is willing to let go and sell any mushroom of any genus and species, like discosoma, yuma or rhodactis, please let me know. It would be very much appreciated !
  8. I am looking to fill my whole tank with pulsing xenias. Does anyone have any full colonies that they are willing to sell or give away? I know many may consider it a weed and a pest but I really like the way they pulse. I used to keep a few in my previous system but now I just want something that can fill up my tank fast. Thanks !
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