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  1. Hello, RFS: Bought them with a future upgrade in mind in terms of tank size and the usage of refugium/sump, not gonna happen anytime soon anymore... Sticking only with nano IOS tank. Thus, the sales. Lights only. Do not come with any additional accessories such as hanging kit(s)/mounting arm(s) 1) Kessil A360WE: <3 years old, used at 25% intensity by first (and only) owner. Selling @ 250 SGD 2) Kessil H380 <1 year old, used for ~6 months. US plug (will give adapter). Bought from original owner used for normal potted plants. Selling @ 350 SGD Please PM
  2. Hello selling on behalf of a friend for the said light at 250! PM me if interested!
  3. Hello, My 13.5 gallon tank has just finished cycling and am looking for beginner fish/corals! Location: East / Marine Parade / Bedok Thanks!
  4. Please PM me if you know someone is letting go one! Thanks,
  5. PM me please! Thanks!
  6. Hi all. I'm starting my first reef tank and own a Maxspect RSX but have not been able to find a hanging kit readily available. Does anybody have an experience on an alternative hanging kit? I was thinking to get the Universal Orphek hanging kit which may work or maybe just use a generic hanging kit (I need to read up about this first) . Any idea where I can either get the maxspect hanging kit? or an alternative to it? even a DIY solution is fine for me. Thanks!
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