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  1. Hi. decomming my 2ft tank. to let go are: - 7-8 rbtas @ 50 take the rock they're on as well if you want - pink toadstool (1 big head, 3 decent size baby heads) @ 50 - big green monti @ 50 - small red monti frag @ 5 - yellow toadstool @ 15 - green Kenya tree with purple polyps (mother colony) attached to small Tonga rocks but come with big xenias and a couple of golden paly zoanthids @ 100 or take all for 220 note: some other corals in the tank are not in the post yet pm if interested thanks
  2. ups for aquatic life at 180!
  3. PM if you're selling! thanks
  4. sold. sorry if I wasn't able to get back to you ...
  5. 1) 60 (slightly bigger than golf ball) 2) 40 (golf ball size) 3) 40 (golf ball size) without orange filter with orange filter
  6. For sale as titled for 200. PM if interested thanks!
  7. Hello, For sale an under utilized orphek v4 gen2 with mount + gateway for 800. Used for a slightly over a year and kept aside. PM if interested. thanks
  8. Hello all. Selling my Red monti colony (bigger than open palm(hand) size) measuring about 26x22 cm at SGD 80. Grown it from about 1/2 its size to be a centerpiece but is now getting too big (touching my glass). I think it's plating quite nicely. It's currently hosting my clownfish pair ! PM if interested !
  9. Sold. Sorry for not replying some dms.
  10. Hello, Selling a Clarisea sk5000 gen2 with new roll installed + another new roll for 280. Pm if interested. Thanks
  11. sold. thanks for the interests
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