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  1. Some items back on sale: - Hailea HC100A (2 years old - previous owner + me) - 80 - IM Nuvo 10 + pump + lid - 50 - BM QQ2 - 20 - Also selling Maxspect Razor Nano (60W) - 50 (Note: The blue back light came on but no characters (Ref: https://www.nano-reef.com/forums/topic/328199-how-to-replace-the-lcd-display-on-maxspect-razor-r420r/) Checked with DE aquatics can be replaced for 45. Everything else works fine. I was tuning it by cycling through the menu and set it on timer)
  2. AI Hydra, Ghost Skimmer - Sold BMQQ2, Chiller, Clarisea - Reserved Ups for 6, 7
  3. AI Hydra - reserved Ghost skimmer - reserved BM QQ2 - reserved Chiller - reserved Remaining items: 1) IM Nuvo 10 tank @ 50 6) Clarisea SK-5000 gen2 w/ filter roller @ 240 7) IOS tank @ 20
  4. AI Hydra - reserved Ghost skimmer - reserved
  5. Hi, decommed my nano tanks. For sale are: 1. IM Nuvo 10 (multiple scratches onglass, not for fuzzy buyer, condition 7/10 only on cosmetic, no leak) @ SGD 50 comes with Eheim CompactON 1000 with hose/nozzle, lid 2. SkimMate Ghost #7203 @ SGD 20 3. BubbleMagus QQ2 (Note the clip on has been removed) @ SGD 20 4. AI Hydra 26HD with HMS mount @SGD 250 5. Hailea HC-100A used on my nano tank (used for 1 year), first owner used by another year @ SGD 80 6. Clarisea SK5000 Gen-2 @SGD 240 comes with BN filter roll 7. IOS tank 60x30x36 @ SGD 20. will do some cleaning on purchase PM if interested! Thanks
  6. Hi, it was a combination of user/manual issue. It's working now. For those who may face similar difficult with the setting up, it did not have to be under the mentioned status in the manual. Just had to choose STA and the device was immediately discovered. Apologies and thanks for the time to those who read this post.
  7. Sorry, missed an image. Regardless of not seeing the expected, I still tried to attempt to search for it following the app ("Kamoer Remote") instructions, but as expected, it was not able to find the SSID as it's probably not in the STA Setting. No KAMOER_XXXX SSID discovered.
  8. hello all. I've purchased a brand new Kamoer X4 Pro and is having difficulty connecting to it. I've not found any forum with similar problem as me as of now. The doser is meant to display either "STA Set" or "AP Set", but mine is only showing "Network" and can't seem to toggle the settings Expected output screen is as below: (also attached my video) Firmware Version: 1.1.2 Appreciate if anyone who could tell me if this could be a hardware/firmware/user issue! Thank you ! VID_20210629_173414.mp4
  9. Hi. Please leave a message if you're selling. Thanks!
  10. Hi all, The elegance is getting too big for my tank. Selling it at 60. PM if interested. Skeleton size is probably around 8-10 cm but it's very fleshy.. (around 18 cm when expanded) PM if interested thanks, location at 440056
  11. Update: - Vortech MP60 wQD (Used, working fine) - 350 - Reserved pending collection - Vortech MP40 QD BNIB (Mobius ready, purchased a month ago from Madpetz, still in box) - 488 - SOLD - IM Ghost Skimmer MidSize (Used, working fine) - 50
  12. Hi, For sale are the following items: - Vortech MP60 wQD (Used, working fine) - 350 - Vortech MP40 QD BNIB (Mobius ready, purchased a month ago from Madpetz, still in box) - 488 - IM Ghost Skimmer MidSize (Used, working fine) - 50 PM if interested. thanks!
  13. Hi all. For sale as titled with controller. Bought them from a friendly reefer, going to try T5 only instead ! If anyone is selling. Both for 270. Mint condition Thanks!
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