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  1. Hi thanks for the reply! Looks like I need to read up now on these flatworms to know exactly what I need to do other than manually removing them when I see more!
  2. Hi! Saw this flat creature on my glass. Could someone help to ID this organism if I should be worried to have a sighting of this in my tank? (note that the dots on my pipette are from exposure to light, algae, not part of the organism). It is white-translucent in color(?). Thank you!
  3. --Update for Maxspect R420R (120w)-- Light is not easily adjustable due to salt creep. Will only fit 2ft tank well.
  4. Hello, Selling the below lights: (Used) - Maxspect R420R (120w) - not for fuzzy buyer @ SGD 100 - Kessil A360WE (~3 years, <25% intensity, mint condition) @ SGD 220 Selling brand new filter sock accessories: (Brand New) - Filter sock 7" @ SGD 8 - Filter holder 7" (Bubble Magus) @ SGD 10 Selling around 1/3 left of Redsea Coral pro salt bucket (22kg) @ SGD 20, s/n 1309180502 Interested, please PM me! thanks
  5. Hi all. sorry I cant find another way to phrase the title, but basically I was watching my tank when my hammer coral decided to shrink (by 10%) and released smoke-like "fart". From my google search, I've only read about them pooping, not "farting". Has anyone ever seen this behaviour? Not sure if I should be concerned Thank you
  6. Hello all, I was preparing to move my corals to their new tank when I came across this feather duster looking like hosted in a white tube (worm like). - Do I need to be worried and try to remove it? - If it's harmless, I still want to dip the coral before transferring it to my new tank. Would it kill it? If it's harmless, I would not mind keeping it as it's already part of the reef (and it doesn't bother me). Attached is the video. Thanks all VID_20201228_140151.mp4
  7. Hello all. I'm excited to finally be upgrading my 60L AIO tank. As titled, selling ALL of the below for SGD 450, able to nego for fast deal. Not looking to sell separately. - 2x Kessil A160WE (Used for approximately 2 years. Been only using one for the last 6 months at 50% max intensity) - 2x A-series goosenecks - 2x 90 degree adapters - 1x Kessil spectral controller Please refer to the pics attached. (As mentioned, the other light has been sitting in the box for 6 months) Thanks for viewing. If interested please PM me.
  8. Nice scape! I have similar problem with my leather until I give it a direct flow. They seem to be constantly releasing "mucus "and thus need the flow to help them shed off. I have a similar size tank as you at 60L!
  9. Thanks! I don't actually have a wrasse yet. Will be upgrading shortly will keep that in mind!
  10. Hello! I have a 60L tank that has been running for 6 months and I've seen the spirorbid worms on the back just taking over the entire wall. They appear to be harmless, though. Just leave them be? Reference: https://www.melevsreef.com/critter/spirorbid-worms
  11. Hello, RFS: Bought them with a future upgrade in mind in terms of tank size and the usage of refugium/sump, not gonna happen anytime soon anymore... Sticking only with nano IOS tank. Thus, the sales. Lights only. Do not come with any additional accessories such as hanging kit(s)/mounting arm(s) 1) Kessil A360WE: <3 years old, used at 25% intensity by first (and only) owner. Selling @ 250 SGD 2) Kessil H380 <1 year old, used for ~6 months. US plug (will give adapter). Bought from original owner used for normal potted plants. Selling @ 350 SGD Please PM
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