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  1. light set reserved. Tank and cabinet still available.
  2. No, they are all fixed onto a single frame with the moonlight LEDs.
  3. Need to clear my tank and cabinet. 4'x2'x2' Tank (12mm, eurobracing) + dark wood cabinet and hood (no sump)- $300/- T5 light set (3 pairs of T5 with 3 individual plugs for running seperate timers, + LED moonlight) - $150/- Take both for $400/-. Self-collect (arrange your own delivery pls) Please PM me. Viewing in evenings only, near Serangoon gardens.
  4. Sorry i meant tunze, temp controller and CHILLER sold and collected. Skimmer still available.
  5. Thanks for the interest. Tunze, temp controller and skimmer have been sold and collected. Skimmer & T5 lights still available. Just taken pic of T5 lights, with moonlight feature:
  6. The tunze controller, the temperature controller and the chiller.
  7. Am moving house, have to decommission my tank. Have completed Pt I of sales - all my livestock, corals and rocks have been cleared. Now left empty tank and equipment for sale 4'x2'x2' Tank (12mm, eurobracing) + dark wood cabinet and hood - $650/- T5 light set (3 pairs of T5 with 3 individual plugs for running seperate timers, + LED moonlight) - $300/- Tunze 6100 + 7910 single controller - $150/- Skimz skimmer + pump - $150/- Resun C-0500 chiller - $100/- Temperature controller - $100/- The wood for the cabinet is high quality and very strong. You will note that there is no need for a centre brace and there is no warping or sagging at all. The cabinet space is therefore very large and easy to access. I am currently running my sump from another room but the setup allows for a sump inside the cabinet. If you are interested in anything, please email me at wjunyan@gmail.com or PM me. Only serious buyers please. Had a previous buyer who made all sorts of promises about buying the whole set but in the end fly aeroplane. If you are not sincere about buying please don't bother contacting me. Prices are more or less what you see quoted. Thanks.
  8. LRs for sale (before I sell the tank). $2 per kg. Big and small available. PM or email me at wjunyan@gmail.com if interested. Self-collect near Serangoon Gardens. I have included a recent pic of the tank (before rocks were moved to catch the fish) so that you can see how big or small the rocks are. All fish and corals sold, please don't msg me about them.
  9. Thanks for the support. All fish sold except foxface. Foxface going for $15, with FOUR packets of seaweed (10pcs, 27g) for feeding thrown in free. Must clear by Tuesday night. Collection tomorrow after 3pm, monday after 8pm, tuesday after 8pm. Pls bring your own bag. Also LRs to clear - Price reduced to clear remaining stock. $3/kilo. FCFS. Pls bring your own bags/boxes.
  10. Liverocks available for sale. Big pieces, small pieces, tonga branches etc. Most covered in coralline algae. First come first choice of pieces. $4/kilo for large pieces and $3/kilo for small ones. Viewing and sale starting tomorrow night after 8pm, saturday after 4pm and sunday after 3pm. Large foxface still available - $5/- Clam & bubbles $5/- ~Junyan (97901711)
  11. Foxface, clam, bubbles and starfish still available. Take all four at $30/-
  12. Oh, and another very useful item - temperature controller. Can be used to cut off power to lights if the tank is too hot, or to turn on chiller and off chiller within a certain temperature range. I use it for my chiller, and it is more accurate than the chiller's internal thermostat because it measures water temperature in the tank itself, not water inside the chiller's compartment. If interested in any of these things, PM or email me at wjunyan@gmail.com and I will put you on a waiting list.
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