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  1. Agree with Blenny that I think if you don't have many fishes you wouldn't really be concerned too much with UV. Still, good to have an experienced reefer give some advice on this. I suppose if you drop the coral food right into the coral it should be fine, but you won't have much other plankton life swimming around.
  2. not that i've heard, but it does kill plankton so be aware if your corals need that.
  3. oops ok. i though copepods only move when they have matured... in the larvae stage they just hang there from your glass...
  4. good job! i guess there are no certainties about this... just because they generally don't eat commercial food doesn't mean people won't have successes here and there. great to hear your wrasses are eating healthily!
  5. dit, like you i'm a newbie at this. I suggest you go read up from the many websites out there rather than asking many questions. The answers to your questions will be long and complex, and you won't really understand some of them until you've got a bit more background into marine fishkeeping. Try this from Iola's post earlier: " I found this basic site which I don't think anyone's put up yet..so here it is: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/index.htm " Also, there is a whole section in SRC for those who are newbies, do go take a look and read up...
  6. True, esp the 12x twister which really ensures long exposure to the 36W UV light. But cost is quite high, heard many people complain about that. However, it's still a lot cheaper than ozone i think
  7. Yah, I have been told from many places that cleaner wrasses do not survive well in captivity, few weeks can die off. Mostly because they refuse to feed on commercial food, and there is not enough parasite infested fish in marine tanks to keep them fed after a while. In the wild, cleaner wrasses clean a LOT of fish, much more than you can hope to put in your tank, so don't imagine being able to keep one for one.
  8. You're not referring to copepods are you? Water currents make them look like they are "waving", but actually they're just anchored there and not going anywhere. Unless of course you actually see them walking around all over the glass then be worried
  9. Read somewhere that if there are small number of tangs (2 or 3), they will get territorial and fight with one another. However, if there are a lot (like at some LFS) of the same species together in a tank, especially if introduced together, some kind of schooling instinct takes over and they don't attack one another. Or maybe they just afraid to bully one in case the rest bully them back
  10. This might not be the problem in your tank, but just a comment after observing my own experience.... Just becoz you have fish happily swimming in your tank for few months does not mean that it is not an issue with disease/parasites in your water, either latent in large amounts, or introduced with the new fish. Existing fish who survive disease or parasites that are present in your tank may develop a stronger resistance so they can survive, but new fish introduced might not be able to take it. Thus it may be the specimens are bad, but don't rule out the possibility of them having gotten infected by a disease when introduced into your tank. The stress of transport makes them vulnerable, much more so than the "settled" fish in your tank.
  11. Just visited this shop at midnight yesterday. Very friendly staff (Janet) and quite good variety of LS. I saw the Moorish Idols mentioned by AT. Quite surprised the shop is open so late, no need to sleep? In the end bot a couple of shrimps and some additives. Yeah, they have a stamp-card arrangement where each purchase of $30 gets you a stamp, later can redeem. Personally, would be frequenting this shop more for my LS needs, as I don't normally get off early enough to go elsewhere and weekends always busy. Plus it's nice to shop where staff are friendly
  12. Sorry to reply to this thread after so long but I just got a coralife turbo twister and i have to agree that it appears that the white spots on my purple tang also begin disappearing after a few days. I guess those that were free floating were killed, and those that hatch from the fish and become free floating also later kena zap, so no new ich attacks and the white spots decrease. Have to say despite the debate among people, I am now very pro-UV. Unless you need to have plankton in your reef tanks then maybe not so good idea. Mine is a FOWLR tank so it is very very useful.
  13. Hi Achilles Sorry to hear this sad saga of your tank... I'm sure MK II (or whatever version the next one is supposed to be =P) will be even better. And dun waste time with Doom 3, its just eye candy. Wait for Half Life 2. Yeah. ~XPeriment 626 btw thanks for the interesting chat earlier at Bio Ocean. Really appreciate the info!
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