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  1. Lights sold and collected. Thanks everyone for the interest.
  2. Agree. If you buy from these shops it will encourage them to continue their practices. Best response is to make it clear to the shops that they are doing the wrong thing, and then boycott them until they improve. Buying will only make things worse.
  3. Yah, nowadays free also not good enough, ppl want all sorts of other things thrown in... dispose is also an option, either way I get nothing, but seems a bit "sayang" to waste it, thought I'd see if anyone can make use of it.
  4. Three power plugs - one for each pair of lights. Allows seperate timers for controlling lighting phases.
  5. For sale, DE light fixture from my old tank setup. 6 x 3 foot T5HO All six tubes working - 34", 39W Elbiru E-ballast (3 pc)- Model T5H39W-2 Separate power plugs for each pair of tubes 3 old tubes replaced by BRAND NEW tubes (2 x Arcadia, 1 x Aquamedic) Selling for $200. Self collect. Interested pls PM. Photo below taken with newspaper from Aug 23.
  6. Sorri for the late reply. No stand. Just tank and sump. As per the photos. WYSIWYG.
  7. Anybody wants a free tank? Just come and collect. It's sitting there not being used, seems like a total waste. SMS me at 97901711 if you want it or know anybody that wants it.
  8. He used live rocks from his previous tank setup... although some bacteria would have died in the transfer process, there would be some which survive inside the holes and crevices of the rocks. This helps in speeding up the cycling process for the new tank. When I set up a new tank and transferred my fish over from the old one, I didn't need to cycle at all since I used all my existing LRs.
  9. Haiz. Just want to get rid of it. Will take $50 for it for whoever wants it.
  10. Prevention is also important. Tangs and other vege-loving fish need to have sufficient fibre in their diets to prevent HLLE, so try to supplement pellet food with nori or lettuce or macroalgae.
  11. the closest would be Aquamarin in Jalan Kayu. If you want to travel further you can head to Iwarna in Pasir Ris. Details of both shops can be found in the sponsors' area.
  12. same discussion going on in another thread, you might want to look at it. http://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/index.php?...ndpost&p=579380
  13. Latest update: chiller sold separately. Since nothing to throw in as freebie, I am reducing the price to $150 for the tank and sump. Just to clarify, all there is can be found in the pictures. No cabinet as my tank used to be inside a built-in cabinet in my house.
  14. Well, for a start you could take a look at the sponsors for this site at our sponsors' forum.
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