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  1. Yes, if you are only keeping two common clowns I think you do not need a UV lamp.
  2. The question is, what other filtration methods do you have in your tank? Do you have a sump with a skimmer? Do you have a lot of live rocks in your tank? You need to understand the basis for DE's advice to you - the bioballs were put in to create a large surface area for bacteria to colonize. These bacteria convert the most harmful substances in your tank - ammonia and nitrite - into less harmful substances - nitrate. Your tank will then begin to slowly rise in nitrate concentration. This will eventually become harmful as well once the nitrate levels reach very high. The only solution then would be to do a major water change in your tank. The removal of bioballs is to prevent this from occuring, because dead particle matter tends to get trapped in the bioballs and slowly decay, polluting the tank. Once you have no bioballs, the detritus or "rubbish" will collect at the bottom of your overflow compartment and can easily be removed. You should try to siphon this out as often as you can, as this is decaying matter which is pollutive. This is why most people have "clean" overflows, in the sense that there is nothing put into the compartment. No bioballs or anything except filter wool. This is to facilitate removal of detritus. Nonetheless, without bioballs, you will still have to deal with the buildup of dangerous ammonia and nitrite. This is less of a problem in a mature tank with a lot of live rock, as the good bacteria would have colonized these rocks. In a newer tank, you will need to supplement the bacteria (which is still growing) with other mechanical filtration methods, the most important of which is the protein skimmer. If you intend to keep marine fish, a skimmer is a MUST. If you don't know what a skimmer is or don't have one, I suggest you approach a local fish shop to learn more. You can check out some of the sponsors of this sgreefclub site.
  3. UV does not kill "essential" bacteria because those would be found on live rock and live sand. it would kill free floating bacteria and parasites in the water which make fish unhealthy. however, they may also kill micro-organisms which are part of the food chain for your tank's inhabitants. generally, there are differing views as to the usefulness of UV, but I personally feel that if you are a beginner in marine fishkeeping, UV would help as you will not be as experienced in taking care of fish health through good maintenance.
  4. you could try running the inlet from the first chamber and the outlet into the second to reduce the amount of microbubbles going into the tank. alternatively you could try placing a piece of acrylic or pvc pipe between the skimmer outlet and the return pump inlet to "catch" the bubbles and allow them to collect.
  5. actually you need to top up a little of both. if you wet skim, you will lose some saltwater, and this needs to be topped up. but you also need to top up fresh water due to normal evaporation from the tank.
  6. some LFS also sell seawater but quite a hassle to carry home in jerry cans.
  7. some LFS also sell seawater but quite a hassle to carry home in jerry cans.
  8. Resized for you! You should open the picture file in some editing program on your PC and just hit "re-size" until it is less than 600 pixels or so in width.
  9. Dear all Thanks for the interest. All six tangs have been reserved. If transaction does not complete I will let you all know.
  10. hello, do you have a picture of the fish?
  11. For sale: 3 x blue tangs (about six inches long), 3 x yellow tangs (about four inches) All are healthy and ich-free for more than a year now. All eat nori, and all except one yellow tang also eat pellets. Going for $25 each, price negotiable if taking more than one. Can view first before collection. Reason for sale - shutting down tank to relocate setup in another part of the house. SMS me at 97901711.
  12. That means do not turn on the pump unless it is connected to the water and the water level is higher than the pump. I.e. place the pump at ground level, not higher than your water level or it will suck air and then burn out. Be aware that MD-40 cannot be submerged into water.
  13. Refractometer, unused, brand new. Retail price $88. Selling for $70. PM me if you're interested in these three items. Can deliver to most parts of Singapore, but only in the evenings.
  14. 6 bottles - Part A & Part B Marine Builder. Brand new, unopened. Retail price $11.80. Selling all six bottles, PLUS one new Miracle Mud, total $50.
  15. 3 bottles of Aquapharm 5-in-1 Coral Food (500ml). UNOPENED, brand new. Retail price $19.80 each bottle. Selling for $40 for all three bottles.
  16. All corals and clams sold and collected. Thanks everyone for the support.
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