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  1. dear all, thanks for the quick response. all the corals have been reserved. will let you know if any are left after the viewing on wednesday night. please do not PM me until then, there are already two or three people waiting in line after the buyer. Thanks for the support.
  2. for some reason the green bubbles pic doesn't show properly. reposting another one. this is an earlier picture.
  3. forgot to add, selling a green prata $15, about 4" across
  4. Selling off some corals. 1) Clams - about 4" long. - $25 each 2) Orange yuma - 3" diameter - $10 3) Green bubbles - 2.5" wide - $10 4) White bubbles - 4" wide = $20 PM me if interested. Pic of yuma:
  5. It is sad, though, that the occasion has become very commercialised indeed.
  6. Yes. Christmas is the OCCASION that Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. However, the actual DATE of His birth is probably in April/May as pointed out by CityofAngels. The shepherds would not have been out at night in winter (Dec) in Israel. Anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!
  7. I keep getting the sick girl with cancer, $0.03 will be donated for each email forwarded etc etc. Also the microsoft/AOL will give you free money crap and the kidneys & bathtub of ice thing.
  8. actually in terms of "despicable" things sg govt has done a lot more like we were a major arms dealer (middleman) in the seventies and eighties, including helping people get arms even with UN sanctions on them. we've also been sheltering a lot of Indonesians who have embezzled money from the country because billions of dollars are now sitting in our banks helping our banks grow. so no point harping on just one thing about relations with myanmar. in fairness to chee, i think a lot of people were prepared to vote for him in jurong in the last GE just to spite the Govt, but then he goes and pulls that brainless "Mr Goh! Come here! I want to talk to you!" crap and then loses public sympathy. For goodness sake, you might be the opposition but he was still the Prime Minister at that time, at least be polite. After that, Jurong registered the highest percentage of spoilt votes cos ppl didn't want to vote for Govt but also didn't want to vote for Chee. That was probably the last straw after a long line of ridiculous stunts like going on a hunger strike then being discovered to be on drip when a reporter showed up suddenly.
  9. Alright, I think the point has been made. Sandisct, either you are 1) a person who genuinely believes this is a good money making venture and are sharing with us so that we can benefit as well or 2) you are a liar who knows that this is a scam and are hoping to con more people into it. If it is 1), then all the best to you, hope you manage to break even at least in your investment before studiotraffic folds and runs off with everyone's money. But I think it's more than clear that this kind of post is not really welcome in SRC. If it is 2), which unfortunately I am inclined to think it is, considering your persistence and thick-skinned responses and the fact that you prefaced your thread with "not MLM or pyramid selling", showing that you know there is something fishy about this scheme, then I think you should take a strong hint and leave now, before things get even worse. As I pointed out earlier, MLMs and related scams are illegal in Singapore and I don't think it is helping you personally to keep acting like everything's ok and innocent. Mods might want to step in soon and close this thread.
  10. oh please, chee is a political circus clown who only knows how to pull stunts to draw attention to himself. it is darn easy to criticise the problems in sg, he doesn't have even a single suggestion for how to make things better. and no, singapore's relations with myanmar (it's not burma anymore lah dr chee) are based on engagement to ensure that the regime does not slide into isolation and xenophobia, leading to instability in the region and possibly war on the thai border. it's easy to just point and say "THERE! myanmar produces drugs, singapore is trying to build relations with myanmar, therefore singapore is protecting drug lords!" excuse me, we'd all love it if drug lords weren't in control in myanmar but war in the region isn't going to make things better, only worse. The road to reforming myanmar is long and slow, but so are most things in life that are required to reverse years of being left behind economically and politically. Dr Chee should get a proper job instead of being a media ###### for foreign publications and inciting trouble. Or at least, give some serious policy inputs instead of just fault finding. And how pathetic, latch on to the Nguyen issue in order to stir up trouble with the Australians. I didn't see him saying a word in Nguyen's defence before the decision to hang was made.
  11. interesting, right after all this blew up, the aquapharmlabs website cannot be accessed...
  12. For a person who is *not* trying to recruit people but are just having an "open discussion", you're certainly giving the hard sell. At least you're trying to be friendly and putting people at ease, like a good salesman should. But a ponzi scam is a ponzi scam no matter how friendly the salesman is. Please back off and stop pushing this product, thank you. From Studiotraffic's website: What is studiotraffic and how do I make money? Studiotraffic is an advertising program that allows it's members to actually participate. You make money by watching the advertisements in a surf rotation, and make a commission from doing so. You can also make money if you tell others about it, and they sign up, using your referral link. Well, you might want to see that this is illegal in Singapore: Those who want to know what a "ponzi scam" is: http://www.mlmwatchdog.com/RC_Haiti.html Other interesting info for people who want to know more about "Studio Traffic": http://www.investopedia.com/university/scams/scams2.asp http://www.scam.com/showpost.php?p=119817&postcount=73 http://st-critic.blogspot.com/
  13. there were some hairy crabs in my tank killing my snails one by one.... this big crab we nicknamed the "gorilla" had a favourite hiding spot... outside that spot there was a graveyard full of empty snail shells!! one method i use to catch crabs is to put an empty chicken essence bottle next to the rocks. at night when crabs wander around, if one crawls inside, they can't crawl out again. caught many crabs this way, but needs some patience.
  14. does that mean the email I received last week entitled "Write a $5,000 cheque to Conrad" from admin@sgreefclub.com was fake?? oh shit... can I call the bank to cancel the cheque??
  15. Chelsea played ok, not that great. Liverpool defence (who should've been sold two seasons ago) played like crap. Liverpool could have won if not for conceding a completely brainless penalty out of nothing, forcing them to chase the game. Traore has always been, and seems to always be, a complete moron
  16. once again, a serious thread going to de-rail and go down the toilet
  17. I'm not sure the story is so simple. That guy may already have been intending to break up with her because of other girls etc etc and could have been just looking for any available excuse. So making an unreasonable request like going for breast enhancement (a major step for any girl to take) may just be the ticket out of the relationship. Anyway good for her that the fella is no longer in her life.
  18. recent minor argument... why you move my polyps to another part of the tank???
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