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  1. Giving away this 2 unkniwn crabs. Self collect at punggol.
  2. Common clown pair for $10. Pm me if keen and collect at punggol.
  3. Aussie Green Hammer coral frag. 1 head: $40. Collection at Punggol. Pm me if keen.
  4. 1x evansi antias 2x blue eyes anthias Above all for $28. Pm me if keen.
  5. Have 1 medium size coral beauty angel to let go at $18. Pls pm me if keen
  6. Caribsea Arag alive special grade sand for sales(used) for $10 only.(20 Lb) Pm me if keen
  7. Still left with 1 blue damsel and 1 green chromis to bless. Pm if keen.
  8. Caribssea rocks sold. Bubbles Magus qq3 still avail.
  9. 3pcs of caribssea rocks for $60. Bubbles Magus qq3 protein skimmer for $120. Pm me if keen.
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